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Reasons why I love Christmas break:
1. Daddy is home with us more often. YES.

2. Natalie gets full, satisfying naps (which means I can get things done!).

3. I have time for house projects and can tidy to my heart's content!

A clean home is a happy home, and right now our home is ecstatic. I love being home to make good, more time-consuming dinners and have our evenings more free to be together instead of running off to some school thing or practicing.
I love having more time to read, especially after a Christmas of getting a total of 18 books between the three of us. We also got a new bookshelf from Austin's parents, thank goodness!

I love having so many books in our home, and now we have a place for all of them. Happy break!

Fruit Rage

Not all toys are created equal, according to Natalie Jane. She loves some toys (the orange holey ball), doesn't really understand other toys (Chloe doll), and hates certain toys. One particular toy she despises is a key ring with fruit. Looks harmless, you can even freeze it for teething relief, but for some reason Natalie always rages when she plays with it. It seems fine for a minute, and then all of a sudden she emits this gutteral growl and flaps her arms and legs, flinging the fruit across the floor. Fruit rage.

When she has finished raging we have to calm her down by giving her the toys she likes.


Also, Austin had Natalie take some "selfies" one morning.

Church Dresses

One of the best things about going to church every Sunday is dressing Natalie up! I look forward to it all week. This past week featured a dress from Aunt Makae...


Another Sunday we featured a dress from Gramma...


True story: we went to a real, live hockey game today and barely lived to tell the tale.

Okay it's not quite that dramatic, but these people take it SO SERIOUSLY. We bought tickets for a friend's fundraiser thinking it would be a fun family outing and had no idea what we signed up for.We knew we were in way over our heads when we had to walk through a haze to get to our seats and cover Natalie with two blankets to make sure no beer was splashed on her. Strike three was when they blasted heavy metal music that made our seats shake...not exactly the "family" environment we had envisioned haha.  Here's a couple highlights from the forty minutes we were there:

The opposing team came on and the crowd turned around, booing with their backs to the ice.  When the lackluster commentator read the names of their starters, the crowd chanted "who cares you suck." Creative. Then, our team (the Lincoln Stars) came whooshing out to strobe lights, fog, skulls on the ic…


In the immortal words of Dobby: Have a Harry Christmas! We certainly did.

We spent the day in Papillion at my parent's house and had a great time. We saw Les Mis (which is STUNNING, absolutely beautiful), hung out at home, made pancakes, and enjoyed our gifts.

The game Trouble has always been a fav of our family. We used to have a white board with all of our names and we would keep track of Trouble wins. Our old game board, bless its heart, was loved to death and it was time to retire, so we got my dad a fresh board for Christmas.

 Happy days. We spent time with our family in Lincoln, too. It also snowed for the first time last week!