Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pregnant Ponderings: A Husband’s Perspective

One of the first things that everyone asks me when they find out my wife is pregnant is, “So is she craving pickles on her ice cream yet?” I, too, used to believe the stereotype that pregnant women always wake their husbands up at 3:00 AM with an insatiable appetite that will only be appeased if their husband brings them very large amounts of something that couldn’t possibly be purchased so early in the morning. This, however, has proven to be nothing but a myth. The only thing that my wife has truly craved during her pregnancy has been onion rings. But then again, she always craves onion rings—even when she’s not pregnant.

Something that is not mythical, on the other hand, is the affect that hormones have on my wife’s emotions. The following is a typical conversation between my wife and me before bed:

Jessie (in a voice that usually means she’s upset about something): “Honey, I don’t know what to do.”
Me (in my most calming voice): “About what sweetie?”
Jessie: “I don’t know!”
Me: “Honey, you’re freaking out. Please calm down.” (Unfortunately, saying ‘calm down’ usually has exactly the opposite affect)
Jessie (now in hysterics): “Honey! I’m not freaking out! I’m calm!”
Me: “Okay Jess; I believe you. Why are you upset?”
Jessie: “I don’t know!”
Me: “Can I do anything for you?”
Jessie: “I just don’t know!”
Me: “Jess, do you need to play with my hair?”
Jessie: “Yes.”
At this point, Jessie begins to play with my hair. Strangely enough, my hair is the only thing that calms her down lately. Less than two minutes after she begins to play with my hair, I begin to hear a change in her breathing, and soon she is fast asleep.
Pregnancy, however, is much, much more than silly cravings and out-of-control emotions. Having a pregnant wife is one of my favorite things in the entire world. My wife thinks she has talked me down to six children, but I’m still secretly holding out for tenJ. At least.
These are my favorite things about pregnancy:
1. Seeing my wife’s stomach move when our little girl is doing her daily aerobics workout.
2. Putting my hand on my wife’s stomach and actually feeling our child.
3. Going to the doctor with my wife and seeing my little baby girl all curled up in a ball and sucking her thumb.
4. Talking endlessly with my wife about potential names (the names always seem to get more and more ridiculous the longer we talk).
5. Feeling my love for my wife grow stronger every day. Knowing that she is willing to sacrifice her body for nine months (well, more like ninety months by the time we have our tenth child) makes me so grateful.

Anyways, having a pregnant wife has been a blessing in so many ways. I highly recommend pregnancy to anyone.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day!

We didn't do any grilling or camping or visits to cemetaries or anything that was particularly Memorial Day-y, but Austin had work off so we spent the whole day going on a marathon of dates.  Our day started at 6:40 AM when Austin woke up to go play a pickup game of basketball at the church.  We had spent the night at Austin's parent's home to be on dog/house duty while they were on a mini-vacation.  I was in charge of letting Flicks (the dog) out that morning, so while he did his business I stood in a stupor in the living room waiting for him to come scratching at the door.  Then I looked down and realized the cookies that Austin and I had made and brought over were on the chair with crumbs everywhere and teeth marks in the bag - RUDE!  This dog that doesn't like me but who I was serving by letting him go to the bathroom had tried to sabotage our perfect, delicious cookies!  I salvaged what I could and cleaned up the mess, but Flicks got some intense scowls when he came back inside. 

He sulked most of the time waiting for his mom to get home.
I fell back asleep until Austin got home after the game, and then we read a couple chapters of HP5 (Harry didn't get expelled at the hearing, yay!) and watched Prince of Persia.  I hadn't seen it before but I highly recommend it!  We let the dog out, had sloppy joes (Austin's mom Suzy has the BEST recipe!), and came back to our own place.  We decided that we would finally reenact our first date and go mini-golfing, but it was PACKED so we got Noodles and Company for lunch to stall a little bit.  I would post a picture but it was sooo delicious and we ate it too fast : ) The crowd had thinned out when we came back to the golf course so we loaded up with putters, an orange ball for me, purple for Austin, and caramel apple suckers to enjoy.


I got off to kind of a rough start - my orange ball was a little off the hole!

Austin had to go digging for my rogue ball at a different hole...oops.
It was a shady course so it wasn't too hot and Austin only beat me by four! Not bad, considering I normally do so poorly that I give up halfway through.  It was fun to remember the first time we had been there and see how much has changed in a little over a year.

Then we decided that a dip in the pool would be refreshing, but I realized that there was no hope of fitting into my normal swimsuit.  We went to (don't judge me!) Wal Mart to pick out a maternity suit.  (I have several issues with this - number one, I loathe anything remotely connected to that place, and number two, "maternity suit" just sounds like prime What Not to Wear material. I feel like Stacy and Clinton were mocking me.)  Normally I handle all my shopping needs at Target, but I figured that this occasion was not worthy of the bullseye.  I ended up choosing an $11 wonder, not maternity but just oversized. 
There she is, folks, in all her glory. (The suit, I mean.)

Austin wearing my sunglasses, haha.
We had a lovely time QRTing, getting some sun, and playing in the water.  Swimming is a GREAT idea when you're pregnant - weightless is a fun feeling after trudging around with a big belly for so long!

Cheddar jambalaya with tabasco and polish sausage was on the menu for dinner, so while I got that ready and cleaned the kitchen, Austin attacked the bathroom.  Our apartment is very happy now!  In the middle of our cleaning my brother Sam called to tell us he and my parents were on their way to Lincoln and we should meet them for dinner - saying no to a dinner opportunity is never an option so we tupperwared our uneaten food and had a delightful dinner and chat with some of the Plumbs.  They left for Papillion and we headed home to finish the day by reading on our deck with the sun setting.

Happy Memorial Day to all!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pregnant Ponderings

On our second date (ever) Austin told me he wanted 10 children. I did one of those typical movie moments: "hahahaha...*realized I'm the only one laughing*...oh, you weren't kidding."  I think I've successfully talked him down since then, but he is still holding out for at least six, hopefully eight (can you tell we like even numbers?)  Who knows what the Lord has in store for us, but I did the math and if we had six children I would be pregnant for 1680 days.
That's four and a half YEARS.
So I figured I would get nice and used to it, and record some of my favorite things about growing and carrying a baby.

One night as we were falling asleep I suddenly felt a sort of fluttering in my abdomen.  I had been waiting to feel our baby's first kicks for a little while, but my belly was still so small that I didn't think it would come so soon.  I went really stiff to see if she would do it again, and sure enough I felt a tiny little movement, so I woke Austin and put his hand where he could feel.  It didn't take very long until she kicked twice for him, and we both went back to bed grinning.  The next day he wrote in the journal, "I love baby. Baby kicked me. Big smile : )."

I definitely don't buy the "I'm eating for two so I can double my intake!" business of being pregnant, but I have enjoyed not being judged for how much I am putting into my mouth.  I eat a lot even when I'm not carrying a child, so it's nice that people now automatically offer me more food instead of me awkardly asking to please pass the mashed potatoes, again.

Pulling the "pregnant card" is not something that I do very often, but other people do it for me all the time! "Oh, let me carry that heavy laundry basket for you," "Hey, let Jessie sit in the front, she's pregnant," "The bill's on me, you have a baby to pay for," "Can I get you anything while I'm out?" etc.  I don't take advantage of these situations necessarily, but I mean who could turn all these conveniences down? He he.
The best! We will probably be able to park here for the next decade haha.
We can't get enough, and neither can our friends and family!  Austin and I are especially blessed because this is the first grandchild on both sides.  We have been totally hooked up with furniture, necessities, and all sorts of adorable un-necessities! (Aren't those the best though?)  Austin's favorite item that we have received is the Baby Bjorn carrier - I don't think he will ever take it off once our baby is in there. When we shop for little baby things Austin always likes to find anything with "Daddy loves me" or "Dad is the best" on it.
A beautiful afghan that Grammy Bee made : )
One of the best parts of having a girl! (Thanks Liz!)
Come on, the matching polka dots and bows on the pockets? (Don't worry, I won't take pictures of all our outfits...that would fill 8 blogs!)
"Cowmooflauge" carseat haha - the best!
I could go on and on. Baby things will never get old. Good thing I have a mom who knits and in-laws close-by and lots of doting friends! Our little girl is already spoiled and loved : )

And, of course, this list of favorites wouldn't be half complete without including the fact that we are WELCOMING A CHILD.
It is mildly stressful trying to come up with a name, figure out school/work schedules, survive in the humid weather, and toss and turn every night trying to get comfortable with a basketball on my belly, but ultimately Austin and I are so thrilled and grateful that this little developing child growing inside of me is a daughter of our Heavenly Father who is coming to Earth to be a part of our family.  We have been entrusted with the huge and humbling responsibility of raising her in righteousness, providing for her temporal and spiritual needs, and teaching her how to live and love and serve in an increasingly scary world.  It is incredible imagining who she will turn into and what she will be like - we love her so much already and can't wait for her to finally be here with us!

A side note...
I feel guilty even talking about being pregnant because I have been perfectly healthy, normal, regular, and unbelievably blessed this whole pregnancy.  Absolutely zero morning sickness or any of the other awful unfortunate issues that can come up in these 9 months.  My doctor actually didn't believe me when I kept telling her I felt fine - she told me that it was okay to vent and that I didn't need to be brave and I said TRUST ME, I would tell you if I was having problems, being the super wimp I am when I'm uncomfortable. Honestly my biggest complaint is that I am just tired of waiting! Really quick though, here are two things that I will not miss about being pregnant...
Not being able to fit in small spaces! (Although I don't think I would have made it in this case even if I wasn't pregnant)...
...and gaining weight! I am the biggest I have ever been (yes, I realize there is a child inside me, but still) and I can't wait to work it all off in the fall. Next time I will be in better shape to begin with and be able to work out more throughout!
30 weeks 3 days, fyi
  A post like this would also not be complete without a shoutout to my fabulous and supportive husband who treats me like a queen and always makes sure I have what I need.  When I can't sleep because our baby is kicking or my stomach is tight or achy, Austin always wakes up and sits with me, rubbing my back or getting me a snack or just talking to me.  He is the BEST!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Falling in Love

                In regards to my wonderful wife’s earlier blog post, I would have to say that I, too, share the concern that no one in their right mind would want to read about my life and what few updates I actually have to blog about. I am, after all, a very boring person. I have basically the same schedule every day of my life: I wake up, I work, I try to find time to work out, and then I spend every possible second I can with my wife. Like I said, pretty boring…except for the part about spending every possible second with my wifeJ. No matter what we are doing, we always end up having a great time. Whether we’re snuggling on the couch watching a sappy chick flick or rolling around in sleeping bags on the floor playing “caterpillar,” we usually end up laughing until our sides hurt.
One of our favorite activities : )
                As I implied earlier, there’s really not a lot of exciting things that go on in my life. Understandably, then, I had a hard time thinking about what I would blog about. After thinking for a while, I decided that something everybody likes to hear about is a cute love story. And ours is really cute, so I thought it would make for a perfect blog post.
                Our story began about 14 months ago. I was just finishing a two-year mission for my church (I served in Des Moines Iowa, Spanish speaking), and my soon-to-be bride, Jessie, was in my dad’s Institute (religion) class at the University of Nebraska. My dad told the class that there was going to be a substitute teacher the following day because he was going to pick me up from the airport. Jessie was the only single girl in the class at the time, so one of the other girls jokingly suggested that Jessie should go to the airport with my family. When Jessie confusedly asked why, the girl replied, “Who knows? Maybe he could be your future husband.” So, for the rest of that class period, all of the students facetiously planned how we were going to meet, what our first date would be, and even where we would get married. It was all supposed to be a big joke. As it turns out, their joking predictions ended up being far more accurate than anyone could have ever guessed.
Over the next couple of weeks, my dad told me about the class’s big joke, and he informed me more than once that I had to come to his institute class if I was ever going to meet my wife. I was intrigued, but I did not really understand why. Logically I should have wanted to avoid that particular class, thus avoiding a potentially embarrassing situation. I knew that the class would give us a hard time if I showed up, but for some reason I felt prompted to go. I realize now that it was my Heavenly Father trying to help me find the woman I needed to marry. At the time, however, I felt as if I were going to the class against my better judgement. I went to her class for the first time on Thursday, April 14th, 2011. My dad told me what she looked like, so I kept my eyes were peeled. I was a little more than disappointed when I realized that nobody matching her description was currently in the classroom. I was a little relieved at the same time, though, because I really didn’t want to deal with people joking about us getting married. I was a mess. I kept switching between disappointment (which was strange because I had never even met the girl) and relief. We were about halfway through the class when it happened: I fell in love. The most beautiful girl I had ever seen barged in, soaking from head to foot, and took her seat at the front of the classroom. She launched into a story about why she was late, explaining that she had locked her keys in the car, which meant that she had to ride her bike to class. Unfortunately for her, it happened to be raining. While she was telling this story, I could not stop laughing. This girl was so funny! I looked at my dad, and he gave me a quick nod, confirming that this was the girl that the class had joked about setting me up with. My whole life I had grown up not believing in “love at first sight,” but I literally fell in love with Jessie in those few minutes that she was telling her story. After she finished her story, one of the girls from the class said, “Jessie, there’s someone in here that we’d like to introduce you to. This is Austin.” Our eyes met for the first time, and both of our faces went the color of Memorial Stadium on a Husker game day. After class, a couple of the students started trying to set us up. I didn’t want Jessie to feel like I was asking her out just because of the pressure I felt from the students, so I just joked along with them, and eventually the subject was dropped. Even though we had stopped talking about it, however, I couldn’t stop thinking about the pretty girl that had made such an impression upon me that day. That night I asked my dad for her phone number, and, fending off a wave of anxiety, I called her. I am sure my voice was cracking as I said, “Well, if we’re gonna get married, we might as well go on a date first.” She said that she would not be free until the following Saturday, April 23rd, so we planned on going out then.
The next week went by very quickly. As Saturday approached, I got more and more nervous. On Saturday morning I woke up, and my palms were already sweaty from anxiety. I read a book for a while in an attempt to get my mind off the upcoming date, but it didn’t really help. I suddenly remembered her saying that she loved brownies, so I made her a batch to pass the time. I left my house to go pick her up at 11:30. I had told her I was going to pick her up at 12:00, but I wanted to give myself plenty of time in case I got lost. It turned out to be a pretty smart move. I got lost (a pretty frequent event when I’m in charge of navigating), and I barely made it to her dorm on time. As she exited her building and approached my car, the butterflies in my stomach turned into hummingbirds. I got out of my car to go open the door for her, and she ran up and gave me a big hug. I opened her door for her, and she hugged me again when she saw the plate of brownies I had strategically placed in her seat. We drove to Ruby Tuesday’s for lunch, and everything was going great. We talked about everything: our families, where we had lived, our favorite hobbies, etc. By the time lunch was over, I felt more comfortable talking to her than I had ever felt talking to anybody. We went straight from the restaurant to the mini golf place down the street. We played eighteen holes, and we had a blast. On the seventeenth hole I decided I didn’t want the date to end quite yet, so I said, “If I make this putt, then we’ll go out for ice cream.” Needless to say, I made the putt. For ice cream, Jessie suggested we go to a place downtown called Ivannacone. Ivannacone is a nice little ice cream shop, full of unique flavors. I got cornbread ice cream, and Jessie got mint chocolate cheesecake. I ended up eating most of hers, and she ended up eating all of mine. We continued to talk, and I continued to fall farther and farther in love. We probably would have spent the rest of the day together, but Jessie had to go to work. She asked what I was doing the next day, and I told her that I was going to speak at a church service out in Beatrice. She hinted that she would like to come, so I invited her to drive out there with me at 8:30 the next morning. She readily agreed, and we parted ways for the night.
I awoke the next morning feeling as if I had not slept a wink. My mind had been racing the night before, and I had had a really hard time falling asleep. As soon as I remembered the day’s upcoming events, however, my heart started beating at about twice its normal rate, and I was suddenly wide awake. I showered, got dressed, and picked out my most impressive necktie. I left the house at about 8:10, and I arrived at her dorm at about 8:25. I called to let her know that I was waiting outside. She hurried out, and my jaw dropped when I saw her. She looked gorgeous. I knew I was staring with my mouth open, but I did not care; she looked stunning. We started the drive, and we picked up right where we had left off the night before. The hour-long trip to Beatrice went by very quickly. We talked the entire way, and we both made comments like, “Man, it feels like I’ve known you forever. I feel like I can tell you anything.” Again, this struck me as very strange because I had only met her a little over a week ago, and we had only been on one date. Heavenly Father was obviously trying to tell us something;  being with Jessie just felt so right. Eventually we got to the church and went inside. We were about twenty minutes early, so there were only a few people there. We sat down by a little girl who looked to be about eight years old. She and Jessie became fast friends. After a few minutes of small talk, the little girl asked Jessie if she was married to me. Jessie blushed and answered, “No…but I’ll see what I can do.” I did not trust myself to say anything at that point, so I took my seat on the stand and waited for my turn to speak. After the services were over, we headed for home. As we were discussing our plans for Easter Sunday, she mentioned that she would be eating her Easter Feast all alone in her dorm. The only logical thing for me to do at this point was invite her over for dinner at my family’s house. She eagerly accepted my invitation, and we agreed that I would drop her off at her dorm now and then pick her up for dinner at 5:00.
That evening, I arrived at her dorm at 4:59. We drove to my house, helped my mom prepare dinner, and enjoyed a luscious feast of steak and potatoes. Everything was going very smoothly. Jessie had already known my dad from school, so they got along great. My mom instantly loved her when she offered to set the table. All of my siblings easily connected with her right off the bat. I couldn’t have asked for a better situation. After dinner we sat around the kitchen table, and we just talked for about an hour. My siblings, like all good siblings, started to tease us about our relationship, asking if she was my girlfriend, if we had kissed yet, if we had held hands, and every other embarrassing question they could come up with. They finally asked if we planned on getting married, and Jessie surprised us all by saying that yes, we did plan on getting married. After a couple of seconds of awkward silence, everyone started laughing because they assumed she was joking. I, on the other hand, did not laugh. Somehow I knew she was not joking. Soon after this surprising revelation, Jessie told me that she needed to get home, so we got up and left. And that’s when things got really interesting. Jessie told me that she knew of a good shortcut, so I drove where she told me to go instead of going the way I normally did. It soon became apparent that her “shortcut” was not going to get us home anytime soon. She admitted that she had purposefully told me to go the wrong way because she wanted some time to talk. I didn’t complain - I was very happy to spend more time with her. We were laughing and joking and having a good time, and then, out of the blue, Jessie got really serious and said, “I wasn’t kidding, you know.” I knew what she was talking about, but I played dumb. “About what?” I asked. Then she said something that totally rocked my world. She said, “About getting married. I’ve known ever since that first day in class that you are the man I’m supposed to marry.” I was floored. I did not have any idea what I was supposed to say in a situation like this. She asked me what I thought about getting married, and I said, “I’m in if you are.” We drove around for another thirty minutes or so, and eventually we got to her dorm. I wanted to kiss her so bad, but I got nervous and chickened out at the last second. We parted without making any plans for our next date. Woops. Austin fail.
The next day, Monday, was a very long day for me. I wasn’t really sure where I stood with Jessie. I was pretty sure that she was at least a little upset that I hadn’t kissed her, and I wasn’t sure if I should call her my girlfriend or fiancĂ©e or nothing at all. All day I fought the urge to call her; I knew she was in school and had a really busy life, so I didn’t want to bother her. But I did know about a family home evening activity at the institute that she would be attending that night, so I decided that I needed to be there as well. I got to the activity, and she was already surrounded by friends. She waved to me, but there were no empty seats anywhere near her, so I just sat by myself. After the activity was over, I tried to make my way over to talk to her, but she was already moving into another room for a meeting. I waited outside for about forty-five minutes until the meeting was over, and when Jessie walked out, I was treated to my favorite smile in the world. She was very flattered that I had waited so long just to talk to her. I asked if she wanted to do anything, and she suggested that we should go get something to eat. It was already pretty late, so we went to the only place still open: Village Inn. We chatted about meaningless things for a few minutes, but we both really needed to know where we stood with eachother, so the conversation quickly changed to the subject of marriage. We both knew that it was what we wanted, so all that was left was agreeing on a date. After discussing potential dates for a few minutes, we decided on mid-August, a mere four months after the day we met. We both felt very confident that this was what was supposed to happen. We felt that Heavenly Father had also put His stamp of approval upon our decision. We left the restaurant feeling elated. I had no problems asking for a kiss when I dropped her off that night. Unfortunately, I was far from an experienced kisser, and I left feeling more embarrassed than satisfied. Haha. We still laugh about that momentJ.

Luckily, I figured out how to kiss before the big day.
And then the rest is, as they say, history. We had a couple of months to wait before we were married, and I think they went much faster for Jessie than they did for me. She was in Europe for about 6 months of our engagement (total hyperbole; she was only there for 5 weeks. It just seemed like 6 months). We got married on August 16, 2011, and neither of us has looked back since. Our love continues to grow, and we are even happier now than we were then. So there you have it. Quite possibly the cutest love story you’ll ever hearJ.  

Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Worry, a Welcome, and a Wait

A Worry

I have How-Many-Posts-Did-I-Just-Read syndrome when it comes to blogs; I could stare at stories from young moms or photo shoots from weddings all day (and don't even get me started on baby pictures) - I open a blog and just keep on scrolling until I run out of "older posts" buttons to press.  However, until now I couldn't bring myself to write my own.  Who wants to read about a Mormon piano major soon-to-be mom living in Lincoln, Nebraska who watches Pride and Prejudice bi-weekly and thinks Birkenstocks match every outfit?  "Not I," said the little red hen. 

So my worry is this: I finally sit down and make a blog, and then no one reads it; ever.  Embarrassing.  But then I thought about being able to show this to our future children, and being able to look back ourselves, and I thought that maybe there were friends and family scattered across the country who would be interested in seeing what we have been up to.  So, worries aside, here is a Peek into the Poulsens!

A Welcome

I feel as though an update is in order, to establish our current situation and get everyone on the same page. (Even if "everyone" really is just Austin and our unborn baby.)

This is us in a nutshell - me always opting for comfort over style, and Austin always finding a way to serve me.
 We allowed people to refer to us as "newlyweds" for one day and then resented the term thereafter; we don't anticipate being less touchy-feely, glowing, and obsessed with eachother the longer we are married...in fact if anything, we act more like "newlyweds" (*shudder*) every day.

Austin is planning on being an Audiologist - if anyone needs a hearing aid, he's your man! School for him right now consists of taking online classes toward a degree in Psychology (and then eventually a doctoral program in Audiology). Basically, he has a long but worthwhile way to go. The end of my formal education, however, is in sight!  I have one more year at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln until I complete my Bachelor of Music - Piano Performance degree.  YAYY!

As far as work goes, I accompany for voice lessons and all sorts of recitals and competitions, while picking up the occasional waitressing shift at Tico's Mexican Restaurant (Ticoritto Tuesday is always a big hit).  Austin works full-time for a facility that serves mentally handicapped adults, and donates plasma twice a week - it's built-in reading time that furnishes our car payment! Win-win.

Our evenings and weekends consist of QRTing ("quiet-read-time," coined by the one and only Sam Plumb), doing crosswords, reading Harry Potter out loud (Harry just got to Number 13 Grimmauld Place in Book 5), going for walks around the lake behind our apartment, me talking Austin into going out to eat, grocery shopping, and visiting our families in Lincoln and Papillion. Who wouldn't want to read about us, right? Yiiikes.

Anyway, the best decision I ever made was to marry this handsome, silly, hard-working man - I thank Heavenly Father constantly for such a loving and wonderful husband. I hope everyone gets to experience so much happiness!

A Wait

Speaking of happiness, we are overJOYED to welcome our sweet baby girl on, before, or after August 2nd (and by on, before, or after, I really mean as before as healthily possible)!  One of the final pushes (no pun intended) to start this blog came because I reached the 30 weeks mark today, and I thought we could get in the habit of posting before she came so that we are more likely to continue when she finally arrives. Plus I have absolutely no life while I'm waiting for the blessed day to get here, so this gives me something productive and satisfying to work on.  I literally spend every day in our air-conditioned apartment sprawled out on the couch watching sappy movies and trying to think of things that need to be done.  Unfortunately, since I gave up my shifts at work and got out of school for the summer, I've already cleaned, gone through, and organized every square inch of our home.  I even did under the bed. (That's when you know.)  We have everything ready for the baby that we can at this point, and I'm not allowed to go out unless I have a specific errand because otherwise I will inevitably end up in a baby store and buy lots of adorable but unnecessary things.  I go to Westbrook Music Building daily to get two or three hours of practicing in, and also exercise every day.  Okay, lies - I think about exercising, but I always manage to choose a fitting excuse from my arsenal of justifications.  90% of the time it is related to the temperature outside. Yeah yeah I'm a wimp get over it.

So, we wait! And wait and wait. And have been waiting for the past seven months. But we are grateful for every day, and especially that our sweet pea is perfectly healthy and developing...and thus ends this Peek at the Poulsens!