Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day!

We didn't do any grilling or camping or visits to cemetaries or anything that was particularly Memorial Day-y, but Austin had work off so we spent the whole day going on a marathon of dates.  Our day started at 6:40 AM when Austin woke up to go play a pickup game of basketball at the church.  We had spent the night at Austin's parent's home to be on dog/house duty while they were on a mini-vacation.  I was in charge of letting Flicks (the dog) out that morning, so while he did his business I stood in a stupor in the living room waiting for him to come scratching at the door.  Then I looked down and realized the cookies that Austin and I had made and brought over were on the chair with crumbs everywhere and teeth marks in the bag - RUDE!  This dog that doesn't like me but who I was serving by letting him go to the bathroom had tried to sabotage our perfect, delicious cookies!  I salvaged what I could and cleaned up the mess, but Flicks got some intense scowls when he came back inside. 

He sulked most of the time waiting for his mom to get home.
I fell back asleep until Austin got home after the game, and then we read a couple chapters of HP5 (Harry didn't get expelled at the hearing, yay!) and watched Prince of Persia.  I hadn't seen it before but I highly recommend it!  We let the dog out, had sloppy joes (Austin's mom Suzy has the BEST recipe!), and came back to our own place.  We decided that we would finally reenact our first date and go mini-golfing, but it was PACKED so we got Noodles and Company for lunch to stall a little bit.  I would post a picture but it was sooo delicious and we ate it too fast : ) The crowd had thinned out when we came back to the golf course so we loaded up with putters, an orange ball for me, purple for Austin, and caramel apple suckers to enjoy.


I got off to kind of a rough start - my orange ball was a little off the hole!

Austin had to go digging for my rogue ball at a different hole...oops.
It was a shady course so it wasn't too hot and Austin only beat me by four! Not bad, considering I normally do so poorly that I give up halfway through.  It was fun to remember the first time we had been there and see how much has changed in a little over a year.

Then we decided that a dip in the pool would be refreshing, but I realized that there was no hope of fitting into my normal swimsuit.  We went to (don't judge me!) Wal Mart to pick out a maternity suit.  (I have several issues with this - number one, I loathe anything remotely connected to that place, and number two, "maternity suit" just sounds like prime What Not to Wear material. I feel like Stacy and Clinton were mocking me.)  Normally I handle all my shopping needs at Target, but I figured that this occasion was not worthy of the bullseye.  I ended up choosing an $11 wonder, not maternity but just oversized. 
There she is, folks, in all her glory. (The suit, I mean.)

Austin wearing my sunglasses, haha.
We had a lovely time QRTing, getting some sun, and playing in the water.  Swimming is a GREAT idea when you're pregnant - weightless is a fun feeling after trudging around with a big belly for so long!

Cheddar jambalaya with tabasco and polish sausage was on the menu for dinner, so while I got that ready and cleaned the kitchen, Austin attacked the bathroom.  Our apartment is very happy now!  In the middle of our cleaning my brother Sam called to tell us he and my parents were on their way to Lincoln and we should meet them for dinner - saying no to a dinner opportunity is never an option so we tupperwared our uneaten food and had a delightful dinner and chat with some of the Plumbs.  They left for Papillion and we headed home to finish the day by reading on our deck with the sun setting.

Happy Memorial Day to all!

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