Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pregnant Ponderings

On our second date (ever) Austin told me he wanted 10 children. I did one of those typical movie moments: "hahahaha...*realized I'm the only one laughing*...oh, you weren't kidding."  I think I've successfully talked him down since then, but he is still holding out for at least six, hopefully eight (can you tell we like even numbers?)  Who knows what the Lord has in store for us, but I did the math and if we had six children I would be pregnant for 1680 days.
That's four and a half YEARS.
So I figured I would get nice and used to it, and record some of my favorite things about growing and carrying a baby.

One night as we were falling asleep I suddenly felt a sort of fluttering in my abdomen.  I had been waiting to feel our baby's first kicks for a little while, but my belly was still so small that I didn't think it would come so soon.  I went really stiff to see if she would do it again, and sure enough I felt a tiny little movement, so I woke Austin and put his hand where he could feel.  It didn't take very long until she kicked twice for him, and we both went back to bed grinning.  The next day he wrote in the journal, "I love baby. Baby kicked me. Big smile : )."

I definitely don't buy the "I'm eating for two so I can double my intake!" business of being pregnant, but I have enjoyed not being judged for how much I am putting into my mouth.  I eat a lot even when I'm not carrying a child, so it's nice that people now automatically offer me more food instead of me awkardly asking to please pass the mashed potatoes, again.

Pulling the "pregnant card" is not something that I do very often, but other people do it for me all the time! "Oh, let me carry that heavy laundry basket for you," "Hey, let Jessie sit in the front, she's pregnant," "The bill's on me, you have a baby to pay for," "Can I get you anything while I'm out?" etc.  I don't take advantage of these situations necessarily, but I mean who could turn all these conveniences down? He he.
The best! We will probably be able to park here for the next decade haha.
We can't get enough, and neither can our friends and family!  Austin and I are especially blessed because this is the first grandchild on both sides.  We have been totally hooked up with furniture, necessities, and all sorts of adorable un-necessities! (Aren't those the best though?)  Austin's favorite item that we have received is the Baby Bjorn carrier - I don't think he will ever take it off once our baby is in there. When we shop for little baby things Austin always likes to find anything with "Daddy loves me" or "Dad is the best" on it.
A beautiful afghan that Grammy Bee made : )
One of the best parts of having a girl! (Thanks Liz!)
Come on, the matching polka dots and bows on the pockets? (Don't worry, I won't take pictures of all our outfits...that would fill 8 blogs!)
"Cowmooflauge" carseat haha - the best!
I could go on and on. Baby things will never get old. Good thing I have a mom who knits and in-laws close-by and lots of doting friends! Our little girl is already spoiled and loved : )

And, of course, this list of favorites wouldn't be half complete without including the fact that we are WELCOMING A CHILD.
It is mildly stressful trying to come up with a name, figure out school/work schedules, survive in the humid weather, and toss and turn every night trying to get comfortable with a basketball on my belly, but ultimately Austin and I are so thrilled and grateful that this little developing child growing inside of me is a daughter of our Heavenly Father who is coming to Earth to be a part of our family.  We have been entrusted with the huge and humbling responsibility of raising her in righteousness, providing for her temporal and spiritual needs, and teaching her how to live and love and serve in an increasingly scary world.  It is incredible imagining who she will turn into and what she will be like - we love her so much already and can't wait for her to finally be here with us!

A side note...
I feel guilty even talking about being pregnant because I have been perfectly healthy, normal, regular, and unbelievably blessed this whole pregnancy.  Absolutely zero morning sickness or any of the other awful unfortunate issues that can come up in these 9 months.  My doctor actually didn't believe me when I kept telling her I felt fine - she told me that it was okay to vent and that I didn't need to be brave and I said TRUST ME, I would tell you if I was having problems, being the super wimp I am when I'm uncomfortable. Honestly my biggest complaint is that I am just tired of waiting! Really quick though, here are two things that I will not miss about being pregnant...
Not being able to fit in small spaces! (Although I don't think I would have made it in this case even if I wasn't pregnant)...
...and gaining weight! I am the biggest I have ever been (yes, I realize there is a child inside me, but still) and I can't wait to work it all off in the fall. Next time I will be in better shape to begin with and be able to work out more throughout!
30 weeks 3 days, fyi
  A post like this would also not be complete without a shoutout to my fabulous and supportive husband who treats me like a queen and always makes sure I have what I need.  When I can't sleep because our baby is kicking or my stomach is tight or achy, Austin always wakes up and sits with me, rubbing my back or getting me a snack or just talking to me.  He is the BEST!

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