Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Worry, a Welcome, and a Wait

A Worry

I have How-Many-Posts-Did-I-Just-Read syndrome when it comes to blogs; I could stare at stories from young moms or photo shoots from weddings all day (and don't even get me started on baby pictures) - I open a blog and just keep on scrolling until I run out of "older posts" buttons to press.  However, until now I couldn't bring myself to write my own.  Who wants to read about a Mormon piano major soon-to-be mom living in Lincoln, Nebraska who watches Pride and Prejudice bi-weekly and thinks Birkenstocks match every outfit?  "Not I," said the little red hen. 

So my worry is this: I finally sit down and make a blog, and then no one reads it; ever.  Embarrassing.  But then I thought about being able to show this to our future children, and being able to look back ourselves, and I thought that maybe there were friends and family scattered across the country who would be interested in seeing what we have been up to.  So, worries aside, here is a Peek into the Poulsens!

A Welcome

I feel as though an update is in order, to establish our current situation and get everyone on the same page. (Even if "everyone" really is just Austin and our unborn baby.)

This is us in a nutshell - me always opting for comfort over style, and Austin always finding a way to serve me.
 We allowed people to refer to us as "newlyweds" for one day and then resented the term thereafter; we don't anticipate being less touchy-feely, glowing, and obsessed with eachother the longer we are fact if anything, we act more like "newlyweds" (*shudder*) every day.

Austin is planning on being an Audiologist - if anyone needs a hearing aid, he's your man! School for him right now consists of taking online classes toward a degree in Psychology (and then eventually a doctoral program in Audiology). Basically, he has a long but worthwhile way to go. The end of my formal education, however, is in sight!  I have one more year at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln until I complete my Bachelor of Music - Piano Performance degree.  YAYY!

As far as work goes, I accompany for voice lessons and all sorts of recitals and competitions, while picking up the occasional waitressing shift at Tico's Mexican Restaurant (Ticoritto Tuesday is always a big hit).  Austin works full-time for a facility that serves mentally handicapped adults, and donates plasma twice a week - it's built-in reading time that furnishes our car payment! Win-win.

Our evenings and weekends consist of QRTing ("quiet-read-time," coined by the one and only Sam Plumb), doing crosswords, reading Harry Potter out loud (Harry just got to Number 13 Grimmauld Place in Book 5), going for walks around the lake behind our apartment, me talking Austin into going out to eat, grocery shopping, and visiting our families in Lincoln and Papillion. Who wouldn't want to read about us, right? Yiiikes.

Anyway, the best decision I ever made was to marry this handsome, silly, hard-working man - I thank Heavenly Father constantly for such a loving and wonderful husband. I hope everyone gets to experience so much happiness!

A Wait

Speaking of happiness, we are overJOYED to welcome our sweet baby girl on, before, or after August 2nd (and by on, before, or after, I really mean as before as healthily possible)!  One of the final pushes (no pun intended) to start this blog came because I reached the 30 weeks mark today, and I thought we could get in the habit of posting before she came so that we are more likely to continue when she finally arrives. Plus I have absolutely no life while I'm waiting for the blessed day to get here, so this gives me something productive and satisfying to work on.  I literally spend every day in our air-conditioned apartment sprawled out on the couch watching sappy movies and trying to think of things that need to be done.  Unfortunately, since I gave up my shifts at work and got out of school for the summer, I've already cleaned, gone through, and organized every square inch of our home.  I even did under the bed. (That's when you know.)  We have everything ready for the baby that we can at this point, and I'm not allowed to go out unless I have a specific errand because otherwise I will inevitably end up in a baby store and buy lots of adorable but unnecessary things.  I go to Westbrook Music Building daily to get two or three hours of practicing in, and also exercise every day.  Okay, lies - I think about exercising, but I always manage to choose a fitting excuse from my arsenal of justifications.  90% of the time it is related to the temperature outside. Yeah yeah I'm a wimp get over it.

So, we wait! And wait and wait. And have been waiting for the past seven months. But we are grateful for every day, and especially that our sweet pea is perfectly healthy and developing...and thus ends this Peek at the Poulsens!


  1. You are an adorable writer! Sandy Ewald emailed me this post and I'm glad she did. :) I'm excited for you to welcome your baby girl this summer. Very exciting!

    And don't worry about no one reading your posts...when your kids get big, you can print out blog books that become family history and the kids will sit and read them for *hours*. Something about reading about themselves and seeing pictures of themselves keeps them hooked. :) Trust me (or ask my kids).

  2. Count me as a reader of your blog!! Pretty cute, but I am surprised that you got Austin to write in it :) Can't wait to see pictures of my darling granddaughter when she's born!

  3. I am so so excited that you started a blog! Count me in as a dedicated reader!

  4. Yay!! You have a blog! I'm totally going to be a creep and read it. Just so you know.