Friday, June 8, 2012

Babies Galore!

I think it is just this stage in our lives but I feel like everyone and their dog is getting pregnant! And I'm totally okay with that. : ) It's too bad that our friends are mostly spread out across the country, but it is fun to keep track of those who are expecting too. Congratulations to all!

Less than 8 weeks left folks! She's huge!

Today we had the fun of playing with two happy, beautiful babies, Jameason and Emma Jean.  Emma is my best friend Lauren and Chris's 14-month old, and Lizz from work is Jameason's mommy.  (He's 6 months.) They are great! When Emma showed up she was post-car sleepy and kind of clingy and it was super adorable.
She wouldn't let Lauren move her arm haha.
Jameason LOVEDDD Austin - they are bros.
Emma and Jameason were enthralled by eachother.
(Then we started laughing and her
feelings were hurt...sad but super cute.)

His little feet - so cute! (That's our canopy on his car seat...
he wouldn't fall asleep because he was so excited about
everything so I had to cut him off from the world.)
It is extra fun to see Emma Jean and Lauren because they live in Virginia, so we don't see them very often.  Spending time with these babies today only made us more impatient for our own little one - we are soooo ready for her to be here. Our BNC (baby name crisis) is temporarily over, at least until we finally see her...we think we have the name, but we aren't telling people anymore because a) we might change our minds like we've done before and b) no one can complain once she's already been named, so we are just saving the big reveal. (I am accepting bribes, however, if anyone can't wait to know. Anything of the onion ring or ice cream variety is acceptable.)

In other news, we made a breakfast casserole this morning! It was D-LICIOUS.
(Mom, we definitely need to include this in the brunch.)
Also, my dad is at scout camp and he sent me this picture. The hat makes it.

Remember my post about the wasp in my house? Today we went to the pool and Austin found one in my HAIR. It was dead and he didn't tell me anything was wrong until he had situated the situation, but folks: in my HAIR. Watch out...they're on the prowl.

And last but certainly not least, Austin and I both thought this was extremely enlightening, clarifying, and appropriate: Josh Weed - blog. It is a blog about a Mormon husband who is gay - don't judge until you've read it, and read til the's absolutely worth it. A very timely and eye-opening post, especially for the LDS culture/community which traditionally has had a lot of misconceptions about homosexuality, both within the church and from the view of non-members.

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