Thursday, June 21, 2012


What is more satisfying than finishing a delicious, witty, interesting, 5-star book? Nothing, in my mind. Austin and I adore reading and spend a good amount of our time discussing, browsing for, and sticking our noses in the latest read. You've already seen my husband's Star Wars collection, but today I organized (or, rather, attempted to find places for) the rest of the books in our apartment. I have two large boxes bursting with more books waiting at my parent's house - I miss those friends but they have nowhere to go!

A bookshelf, right?

(These pictures aren't doing it justice -
I promise that the effect is more
overwhelming in person.)

All my juicy piano books!

Our small (but growing!)
children's section
My dad has a dream that every member of the family will own a Kindle, so he bought Austin and I our own this past year - thanks Dad! Admittedly, I haven't fully conquered the I-prefer-actual-books-in-my-hand hurdle, but it is definitely appealing to take advantage of the cheaper (or free!) ebooks, one-handed usage, and, maybe most conveniently, the storage capabilities. I don't think I'll ever be a full believer, but I guess as long as it involves good reading you can't go wrong.

In other book-related news, my fabulous high school history teacher sent me a link to this AWESOME site and I think everyone should check it out! Goodreads is a place where you can rate books and get recommendations, follow what your friends are reading, participate in book clubs and discussions, and keep track of what you've read, what you want to read, and which books you've liked/disliked. I love it! (Thanks, Hoch!)

"Books are not made for furniture, but there is nothing else that so beautifully furnishes a house." - Henry Ward Beecher.

I'm drooling. Add a hot chocolate machine and a fireplace
and I will literally never leave this room in our future home.
(Change the ceilings to a forest green, add a glass case
for my special edition Harry Potter books, and order
some fluffy love seats, too.) ...we need this.

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