Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I sat down half an hour ago to start writing but I have since been distracted...I wanted some music so I browsed through iTunes on the family computer. The Les Mis soundtrack caught my eye, and after ten seconds into "Look Down" I realized how much I LOVE this musical. I listened for a while without doing anything else, completely enraptured - it is the BEST! Anyway, I was reminded of when I was Villager No. 1/Bandage Wrapper in our high school production, so I went looking for pictures.
Me in 9th Grade. Winner.
In finding that picture, I ran into my high school collection of self-portraits. Seriously, 58% of the photo library on this computer consisted of close-ups of moi. I was very glad that no one was here to witness the purging because it was embarrassing. There were entire albums of me trying on new outfits, curling my hair, picture upon picture of awkward braces shots that then morphed into retainer pics, different shots of me pretending to sleep, and on and on. It was PAINFUL. Happily, except for the necessary pictures for posterity, all evidence has now been recycle-binned. Thank goodness.

Check out some other gems I came across:

...this is literally how my best friend Ananda and I used
to spend our time. 

Proof that I did cross country in high school!
(Notice the excellent running form and facial expression.)

Ahhhh, the cutest! This is my little sister seven years ago.
I hope our little girl is just as adorable!

Classic beginning of school photo op. 2005!
Show Choir. Oh dear.
Anyway, this is how I've been spending my time house-sitting for my parents: literally sitting, all day. I had forgotten what it was like to be bored, but with no one around, 98 degree weather, and a repairman working on the washing machine I've been reacquainted with the feeling. Sam is at jazz camp, Max and Jack are at work, Peanut and Annie are passed out on the couch, and I'm left with Jean Valjean and Eponine, and the All Appliance guy in our laundry room.

Annie post-6AM-swim practice.
She just rolled over with quite the
production and when I laughed she
said, "Haha, sorry about the flop."

 Peanut doesn't emerge from his cocoon unless he senses food near or...nope, that's it. I guess I will enjoy my book on the couch and call it a day! (Except it's only noon...dang it.)

Also, the repairman just finished and told me the problem was a bobby pin that got stuck somewhere in the washer. Good to know - save yourself (or your parents) $117.70 and check pockets for bobbies!

I miss my sweet husband!

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