Monday, June 25, 2012


"I know not who you are, nor how I came to find you; but may I just say..."

Haha, I can't get enough. When Austin is at work and I am fiddling around at home (because that is what I do all day every day, and I'm running out of projects - you know it's bad when I'm reorganizing the snat bowl "no, Reese's need to be equally spread out over the top of the Jolly Ranchers and the 100 Grands should be hidden a little, we don't want to eat those too fast...wait a minute, why do we have SweetTarts?") I like to have background noise, so I trade off movies. Tangled is my current favorite for this task, and it is seriously in our DVD player at least once a week. Don't hate.

We do watch movies other than Tangled (and Matilda, Pride and Prejudice, and Heavyweights, all of which can brag about prime-time viewing privileges in the Poulsen household), however. In fact, excluding ESPN, both of us much prefer movies to TV. And I in particular have a LOT of time to watch movies lately. Currently on my to-view list is Rudy, Moneyball, and Cinderella. I'm always up for recommendations and/or company!

More "peeks" from our week:

-I got a pedicure with my mom and they had to call the head manicurist lady to come handle an in-grown toenail (thank you, swollen preg feet!). It had been bothering me for at least 2 weeks, but I couldn't reach down to take care of it (and I was a wimp) so I left it alone. Luckily, Amy the La Vista Nails Queen situated the situation and I have much happier toes : )

-Austin and I went on a series of fun dates on Saturday - first we had breakfast with some fun friends at Cracker Barrel. My mom wouldn't be seen dead there but when I told my dad where we went he said "that's my girl!" Austin was thrilled with his steak and eggs - he gives CB the full thumbs-up. We came home to take a little noontime nap which turned into a two hour snooze extravaganza for me, and then we went to Amigo's for a late lunch. It was fun because they are running a promotion where you get a gamecard with a "you get *this* free with any menu purchase" coupon every time you eat there. Austin's work buddy had given him some of these coupons so we each ordered the delicious (and $1.08!) crisp pinto burrito and our free item. We had to order separately in order to be able to use more than one coupon, and then we had to go to a different Amigo's to use our new coupons and start all over. It was a satisfying, filling, and silly date for under $5! Then we went to Barnes and Noble for some digestive browsing.

-Some fun new friends came over for dinner on Friday and ended up staying to chat for a few hours - we loved laughing and having a good time, and cooking for more than just the two of us! We made breakfast casserole, french toast with strawberries and whipped cream, cut up fresh fruit, and berry cobbler with melting vanilla ice cream for dessert. Yum!

-We had Sunday dinner with my family in Papillion - that always includes plenty of laughs, carbonated beverages, and reminiscing. I started to read "Hotel at the Corner of Bitter and Sweet" by Jamie Ford and I'm loving it so far...the rest of the family watched Ratatouille.

-Austin and I finished West Wing Season 2 this morning - EPIC!!! Season 3 is on hold at the library, so we will just suffer until the three people before us return it. We love WW - it is so witty and intelligent, the characters are equal parts hilarious and humane and emotional, and we love discussing the most recent episode and projecting what is going to happen in the next. We HIGHLY recommend this show!

Now we are heading into a stifling start of the 90s-100s week - I guess Nebraska ran out of the beautiful weather we've been enjoying for so long. Sigh. You can find me at the pool!

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