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Last Minute Musings

I'm sitting here listening to the first season of Glee by myself and wondering why I have no life...then I got up to get a snat and realized my stomach is protruding so much that if I turn sideways I can't get through the hall, and I remembered why I don't get out much anymore haha.

WE ARE SO CLOSE! AH! I'll spare the details, but at my 39-week appointment our doctor was like "Wellllll looks like you're having a big baby, so we probably shouldn't wait too much longer...let's schedule an induction." Austin immediately says, "All right" We both want her here soooo badly. The doctor said her earliest time was on Wednesday the 1st, so if this little (or, apparently, big!) girl hasn't arrived by then, she will come out whether she likes it or not! I was/am nervous about inducing, but my doctor still thinks the baby will come on her own, so cross your fingers!!!

I don't remember what it's like to not be pregant. Thi…

Daddy's Girl

For the past 3 months, I have been having at least one baby dream every night. They started one day after Jessie and I discussed what my role was going to be during the whole labor process. I asked if she wanted me to do the whole La'mar's breathing thingy, and she said she'd probably smack me if I tried to make her breathe a certain way. She basically told me that my job was to get her to the hospital, hold her hand, and give her back scratchies until the baby pops out. That night, I had a dream that she and I were driving to the hospital, but everything was going wrong. The car wasn't running very well; the automatic doors at the hospital weren't opening and I had to force them open; the security guard tried to apprehend me; basically, everything was going very, very wrong. Luckily I was able to grab the guard's tazer, and I threatened to taze anybody else who got in my way. The dream ended right about then, so I never got to taze anybody, and I never got to …

My friends = baby's friends

I can't feature every gift that our little girl has received because that would take up a blog and a half and no one but me would enjoy looking at everything, but here are a few from dear friends:

I LOVE these girls and I will never ever forget the year we had CON-ing  and terrorizing the campus. (CON: community organized nap). They all came over last weekend and we did what we do best: interrupt eachother, use abbreviations, eat a lot, and leave saying "man, we need to do this more." They rock and I miss them!

They also gifted baby's first Husker gear, which led to the decision that she WILL be on Huskervision this fall in the big stadium. Keep your eyes peeled!

My mom has been knitting up a storm for this baby! We melt looking at baby knitting books and choosing the next project. Extra layer of friend-ness: my mom's best friend taught her to knit, so now we are all benefitting. (Thanks, Kellie!)

  I'm also benefitting from the friendship of my mom and…

RBI: roasted peanuts, bratwurst, ice cream

We have been meaning to go to a baseball game all summer (we hadn't been to one since our honeymoon!) and last night we decided it was finally time. The Lincoln Saltdogs were playing the Winnipeg Goldeyes (look up the logo, it's hilarious) at Haymarket Park and we had a blast!

We got our tickets and were on our way to our seats when we heard our names and saw that our fun friends were there too - small world! They just had a baby girl a few weeks ago and we had a good time talking together and ooh-ing over the baby again.

The lovely old man at the ticket gate looked in my very full bag, checking for the illegal food and water that I definitely had in there, saw my pregnant belly, and waved us off saying "I won't tell." Win! We brought the traditional honey roasted peanuts, and then Austin had to get a wouldn't be baseball without one! I chose a delicious ice cream cone for my treat. : )

In between innings they did WEINER DOG RACES. Are you k…

37 close!

Three weeks left folks, and I am GOOD and READY. This little sweet pea is taking up all the room she can, poor thing...I can't imagine how squished both of us will be if she doesn't come soon! We joke a lot about her coming early, but ultimately we are just grateful for a healthy baby and know she will come as soon as she is ready. Today at my appointment my doctor moved the cervix around (I didn't even know they could do that! Not the most comfortable...) to position it better and to check if I was dilating at all...sure enough, 1 cm so far! Any progress is good progress in my mind : ) The doctor said she could feel our baby's head - Austin and I were both like wow she is so close! Can't wait.

No, literally: I can't wait. I fill my days organizing and reorganizing and thinking of more things we "need" and mostly just admiring all of the adorable baby things we have. I finally washed everything the other day (using Purex smells WONDERFUL) a…