Thursday, July 12, 2012

37 close!

Three weeks left folks, and I am GOOD and READY. This little sweet pea is taking up all the room she can, poor thing...I can't imagine how squished both of us will be if she doesn't come soon! We joke a lot about her coming early, but ultimately we are just grateful for a healthy baby and know she will come as soon as she is ready. Today at my appointment my doctor moved the cervix around (I didn't even know they could do that! Not the most comfortable...) to position it better and to check if I was dilating at all...sure enough, 1 cm so far! Any progress is good progress in my mind : ) The doctor said she could feel our baby's head - Austin and I were both like wow she is so close! Can't wait.

No, literally: I can't wait. I fill my days organizing and reorganizing and thinking of more things we "need" and mostly just admiring all of the adorable baby things we have. I finally washed everything the other day (using Purex smells WONDERFUL) and realized that truly, this girl has SO MANY CLOTHES!

All her clothes, blankets, accessories...anything that could go in the washer!
(Look at Peanut's hat hahahaha. Totally worth re-washing.)
 I found new places for Austin's shirts and my skirts, and made room for all 20+ of her dresses in the closet, among all the other juicy baby things: receiving blankets, diapers, wipes, hair bows and headbands, and lots more. It has filled the closet with baby there anything better? Mm. (Today I went to Target and got baby soap and lotion...I am tempted to use it on myself just so I can smell it more. The best.)

This doesn't do it justice...come
over so I can show you in person!
We shopped around thrift stores
and ended up with this cozy dresser : )
I also had a baby "shower" this week, although we opted to call it the "Baby Brunch" instead because it sounded less awkward - no baby games or gimmicks or even a registry, just good food and fun friends to catch up with. And, of course, bags of precious baby clothes and cute extras!

Skewered fruit tastes better

Super delicious breakfast casserole
Mom's AMAZING poppyseed cake

Cinnamon apple cake...mmm
It was fabulous to catch up with people I haven't seen in a long time - I loved chatting and seeing everyone again and sipping our orange julius(es). I have great friends : ) Thanks Mom for putting it all together! 

Being pregnant has been very easy for me (compared to the horror stories you always hear) but now I'm to the point where I'm just generally uncomfortable. Lots of pressure, some contractions here and there, aches and pains, sleeping issues, and trouble doing basic things like putting shoes on and walking, for crying out loud. Every time I feel like complaining I just remind myself that the more uncomfortable I am, the closer we are to having our baby. We know she will be perfect!

I finally managed to wrench one
of my rings off. Yikes!
Random tidbits:

I still have (and sleep with, thank you very much) my blankie that is as old as I am, and Austin gets a little jealous sometimes. Lately he has taken to hiding it before bed so I either have to sleep without it or get up and find's saying something that I get up to get it, because if it were anything else, it wouldn't be worth it haha.

And, finally, I walked out of the kitchen earlier to find Austin like this:

"Jess, who am I? ...Queen Amidala!"
I love my husband : )

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