Saturday, July 28, 2012

Last Minute Musings

I'm sitting here listening to the first season of Glee by myself and wondering why I have no life...then I got up to get a snat and realized my stomach is protruding so much that if I turn sideways I can't get through the hall, and I remembered why I don't get out much anymore haha.

WE ARE SO CLOSE! AH! I'll spare the details, but at my 39-week appointment our doctor was like "Wellllll looks like you're having a big baby, so we probably shouldn't wait too much longer...let's schedule an induction." Austin immediately says, "All right" We both want her here soooo badly. The doctor said her earliest time was on Wednesday the 1st, so if this little (or, apparently, big!) girl hasn't arrived by then, she will come out whether she likes it or not! I was/am nervous about inducing, but my doctor still thinks the baby will come on her own, so cross your fingers!!!

I don't remember what it's like to not be pregant. This has been the norm for so long (it seems like), and we are both still a little surprised even that in a few days it will be over and we will have a BABY. Not an aww-this-is-a-fun-babysitting-job baby or a Jess-you're-staring-at-the-cute-baby-at-church baby...OUR baby. Pretty surreal after nine full months of waiting. When I really, actually think about it, I just feel so...quiet. Really grateful that Heavenly Father is trusting us with this little spirit, and humble because it is such a huge undertaking. I'm especially thankful for such a wonderful husband - I don't know what I would do without him in every aspect of my life, but even moreso with having a child.

A few things I will remember about this pregnancy:

-Feeling like it was a girl from the start
-Seeing Austin's GLOWING face when I told him the test was positive
-Walking through the grocery store before I looked pregnant and smiling because I felt like I had a secret
-Walking through the grocery store when I looked painfully pregnant and smiling because I reminded myself that soon I'd be pushing a carseat in the cart
-Complete strangers in California touching my belly with no indication that it was completely inappropriate
-Opening Grammy Bee's package with a carefully knit pink blanket for the first great-grandbaby
-Being able to eat more than Austin
-Practicing piano and hoping the baby is listening and soaking it in
-All of our baby name crises
-waking up in the middle of the night and feeling Austin roll over and put his arm around my swollen belly

Stay time we post our little baby will be HERE! : )

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  1. I remember having the feeling of... not being able to remember what not being pregnant felt like. I still smile when I do laundry because I can bend over and reach into the back of the drier. Of course, now I can't hardly remember what it was like to be pregnant, even though I had a pretty easy pregnancy. Having a baby is just so much better. :) Excited to see pictures of your sweet girl!