Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My friends = baby's friends

I can't feature every gift that our little girl has received because that would take up a blog and a half and no one but me would enjoy looking at everything, but here are a few from dear friends:

My sophomore year roommates. The absolute greatest.
 (After looking through all our pictures, I feel an obligation to write a beek blog. Stay tuned.)
I LOVE these girls and I will never ever forget the year we had CON-ing  and terrorizing the campus. (CON: community organized nap). They all came over last weekend and we did what we do best: interrupt eachother, use abbreviations, eat a lot, and leave saying "man, we need to do this more." They rock and I miss them!

They brought baby TOMS...soooo cute!
They also gifted baby's first Husker gear, which led to the decision that she WILL be on Huskervision this fall in the big stadium. Keep your eyes peeled!

My mom is another best friend!

My mom has been knitting up a storm for this baby! We melt looking at baby knitting books and choosing the next project. Extra layer of friend-ness: my mom's best friend taught her to knit, so now we are all benefitting. (Thanks, Kellie!)


Two of MANY hats to come - the left is for the hospital : )
 I'm also benefitting from the friendship of my mom and her forever friend Wendy in Las Vegas. She is a quilter/seamstress extraordiNAIRE and actually made a quilt for our baby! (This is QUITE the honor - she always makes my mom amazing stuff and we're all totally jealous.) The ladybug theme comes from my Grammy Bee, who gives us all animal nicknames when we are born; I've been a ladybug from day one! (My siblings are a turtle, frog, rabbit, and butterfly.)

Can you stand it? Ahh, so cute!

Gifts mean even more when they are personal and thoughtful, and this next one is the epitome. My beloved high school history teacher (although let's be real, she's taught me about much more than history) gave me a beautiful journal and juicy pen, knowing that office supplies and journals in particular are my favorite things in the world! I was content with just that explanation, but she went on to say that she wishes her mom (who has since passed) would have written down her thoughts and ideas and memories about her when she was little, and she wants to help me preserve these things for my own daughter. Hoch is the BEST - she should be teacher of the year, or at least get paid a whole lot more!

I love this picture because even though you can't see Hoch's face, you can tell how much she means to my family because this is Grammy Bee's reaction to finally meeting the famous and wonderful Mrs. Hoch at my wedding - she has made quite the mark on our family.

We are grateful for and thrilled with every gift we receive, but this next one might be my favorite because of its history and thoughtfulness - everyone who knows us at all knows we adore reading and would almost rather buy books than anything, but my absolutely fabulous and everlasting friend Ananda outdid herself with this one.

Us, spring break visit 2007...not much has changed : )

 As if sending a huge box of wonderful children's books wasn't enough, each of them has special meaning in our almost 10-year friendship, and Ananda wrote individual notes to our future daughter for each book. I about fell on the floor when I saw everything.

Naturally, I laminated and put each note in the matching book. SO JUICY.

Our children's collection so far, half from Ananda...feel free to supplement!
I have AWESOME friends who I will always cherish and love forever and ever. With my dad in the Air Force and moving around a fair amount, I am used to keeping in touch with people and hope all these (including the amazing friends I didn't mention here) friendships will go far into the future.

Side note...

This was Austin's fortune from P.F. Chang's last weekend:

Alas, "the one we love" is not here yet, although she gets closer every day. Standby!


I had to include these pictures of my wonderful grandparents who just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. They had a grand family party at the Lion House in Salt Lake with dinner and music...I couldn't go so I sent a gift instead. Every time a grandchild turns 12, Grammy Bee writes a poem about them, prints it on colored paper, adds stickers, and frames it in black. These poems are treasured by each grandchild - I wish I had a picture of mine to post. Anyway, Austin had the genius idea that I should write my own poem for my grandparents, so I did just that and they loved it : ) I can't believe they will be Great-Grandparents soon!

The hat she wore for her own wedding breakfast, 50 years ago!

Bees are BEST : )

I am three episodes in to the PBS series "Downton Abbey" and it is quite intriguing. I'm curious to see how it will end up - there's been a lot of hype about it since it came out and I am finally getting into it. Let me know if you are a fan, but don't give anything away!


Austin and I have started a new collection of - you guessed it - books. We want to own every Newbery Award winning book since they started, so I bought the 2009 winner and it is very good so far. Austin had the good idea that we aren't allowed to buy the next one until we have read our most recent purchase; we are very excited! Eventually we want to own all the Newbery Honor books too, as well as the Caldecott Award books and a collection of leather-bound classics and...we're getting ahead of ourselves : )

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