Wednesday, July 4, 2012

No Pore Left Behind

I promise I will talk about more exciting things than the weather, but I need to start off with a little pity party: 100+ degrees with humidity and no cloud cover has made for a HOT summer for this baby-carrying girl. In the United States, 3,215 daily high temperature records were set during June. That is just too many hot days around the country. I realize others have it far worse than I do in my air-conditioned, healthy, safe condition, but all I know is I don't think my pores will ever be the same after this summer. 

(I live in a brown area. Great, 105 degrees, AND the ugliest color.)

Phew. Now that I've gotten that off my chest, let me tell you what the Poulsens have been up to this week! (Sorry it's been so long.)

Our friends had a DARLING, PERFECT, HEAVENLY little baby girl last Wednesday and Austin and I have had a ball visiting them and spending time with this precious newborn. We are SO very happy for the new parents; when I got the first picture of her after she was born I literally burst into tears (thank you, hormones) because I was overcome with joy with the arrival of this brand new baby. This has not helped our patience for our own little girl, however...we can't WAIT to meet our daughter and get to know her and hold her and snuggle and dress her and hang out and be a family : ) As far as the "baby name crisis" goes, I would call it more of a tentative/wait-and-see kind of situation. Mostly we just want her here with us! 

Fourth of July! (Sweet pea is HUGE.)
I have doctor's appointments weekly, which is fine with me (the more updates the better!) and it is fun to see our baby girl on the ultrasound each time. My doctor always glows with praise for how well everything is going with both me and the baby - yay for healthy bodies! I am 36 weeks along, and with less than a month before my due date I feel like it can't come fast enough. Bring on the baby! (When she is good and ready, that is.) I love feeling her start kicking when she hears Austin's voice and being able to pinpoint her foot or bum sticking out on my tummy. Apparently she has very chubby cheeks and loves being cozy with her hands up by her face. She is just the greatest : ) 

Austin finds new ways to entertain himself every time we
go to the doctor. We're surprised we haven't been kicked out.

We toured the two hospitals we have to choose from,
and Austin's favorite part about this one was
the plant "headrest" in the lobby. Silly : ) 

On Friday night Sam and my parents came to Lincoln for dinner at Raising Cane's (a chicken-fingers-only joint with fry sauce and homemade lemonade) and then we went to Barnes and Noble. I love how we all disperse to our favorite sections: Mom to knitting books, Dad to classics, Sam to the CDs, Austin to science-fiction/fantasy, and me to new fiction releases. It is fun to regroup and compare what we've all found. 

This was a focus group of elderlies in my section
learning about Nooks.  I half mocked, half supported. 
Saturday-Tuesday we helped house-sit for Austin's family, making sure the dog didn't die or the house didn't burn down. Mostly we hung out with Austin's sister Makall (who stayed in town), swimming, eating, watching Home Alone 1 and 2, and reading. His family was in Ohio enjoying the awesome amusement park Cedar Point without us - which was definitely for the best since I would not have been an enjoyable person to be around in such a long car-ride and hot day outside. They had fun though : )  I spent yesterday with my mom in Omaha, eating at the Cheesecake Factory, going grocery shopping, watching the first half of Les Miserables with Sam, prepping food for the Fourth, and having lots of good laughs and chats. It was fun driving home last night because fireworks were exploding from Papillion to Lincoln, so I got a free 45-minute show. 
Max and Peanut after our feast.
We are back in Omaha today for July 4th, having ribs, baked beans, bacon-wrapped brats, sour cream fruit salad,   peach pie, watermelon, corn on the cob, four bags of chips, three different kind of pops, and very very full stomachs. We saw the Amazing Spiderman as a family and it was great. This morning started off kind of rough though - Austin and I thought it would be fun to have dessert for breakfast, so we decided to make S'mores Pie. We like it with Oreo crust instead of graham cracker, but it is crust filled with chocolate ice cream and topped with marshmallows, then broiled to a golden brown crisp in the oven. SO DELICIOUS. But, I was really on top of things, and I knocked over the very fragile crust before we had even gotten the ice cream out.
It was unsalvageable, and I was crushed.
In order to prevent a pregnancy freak out (it was just crust, I mean I was totally being irrational) my sweet husband ran to the store to get a new pie tin.
The final product. YUM.
Anyway, Happy July! 

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