Tuesday, July 17, 2012

RBI: roasted peanuts, bratwurst, ice cream

We have been meaning to go to a baseball game all summer (we hadn't been to one since our honeymoon!) and last night we decided it was finally time. The Lincoln Saltdogs were playing the Winnipeg Goldeyes (look up the logo, it's hilarious) at Haymarket Park and we had a blast!

Last summer

This summer! (I miss my slender face)

On the way there, we had to deal with a house in the road. Literally.

At least I'm not quite that big...

We got our tickets and were on our way to our seats when we heard our names and saw that our fun friends were there too - small world! They just had a baby girl a few weeks ago and we had a good time talking together and ooh-ing over the baby again.

Baby, mascot, and Austin
The lovely old man at the ticket gate looked in my very full bag, checking for the illegal food and water that I definitely had in there, saw my pregnant belly, and waved us off saying "I won't tell." Win! We brought the traditional honey roasted peanuts, and then Austin had to get a bratwurst...it wouldn't be baseball without one! I chose a delicious ice cream cone for my treat. : )


In between innings they did WEINER DOG RACES. Are you kidding me? It was hilarious! Mostly the owners put the dogs down when the whistle blew and they just ran in circles or barked or did other silly things. It was adorable.

Also, we sat behind "The Beast."

If you don't know that reference, we aren't friends.
It was a great family night! Highly recommend it : )

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