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It's a Girl!

WOW it's been an amazing time. We just adore our precious, beautiful baby girl. I could write for hours about everything, and I would like to eventually, but right now I have to do it in chunks. (Keep in mind I'm writing this for my family's sake so you can slog through the details if it gets too dense, but I want us to remember everything about these perfect moments.)

Well, we wouldn't have a baby without labor and delivery, so I'll start there. It might get graphic!

At my 38-week appointment, my doctor started suggesting that we induce because this baby was looking like a big one. I was iffy about it and turned her down, but we thought it over for the next week and decided that if Natalie didn't come on her own by the 1st, we would get her out. Sure enough, she was content to stay inside, so Wednesday morning Austin and I showed up to the hospital at 7:30 AM for the induction. This is the only part of the whole day that I was nervous - as soon as I got into …