Sunday, September 30, 2012

NJ is two months tomorrow...what!?

I don't even know where to start because we are so behind...I've made a goal to update every Sunday though, so hopefully we can get back into the blog habit.

Natalie Jane is the BEST. She is alert and aware of what is going on around her, watching with these beautiful big eyes. It is the sweetest when she smiles at us and we are starting to hear some giggles too, which are just so cute. She wakes up once in the night and has been eating less and less each time, which we are hoping is a good sign of sleeping through the night soon. As groggy as I am at 4 or 5 in the morning, it is a special time that I get to spend with our cozy daughter. I'm sure every parent has felt the tug-of-war between letting the baby sleep and going to bed yourself, but wanting to pick her up and snuggle because she looks so cuddly and perfect.

Other things I'm sure are part of every parent's experience:
- finally getting the baby to sleep and in her crib, then crawling into your own bed gingerly so as to not make any noise...then almost being asleep when you hear a little "Natalie noise" and hoping desperately that it was just in your head

- looking forward to bath day to see their cute little nakie body in the tub

- laughing at the "milk face" she gets after eating when she is half asleep in a food stupor

- walking through the grocery store and catching people sneakily peeking at your baby - (I always want to be like listen, I think she's beautiful too, stare all you want! No shame.)

- the almighty blow-out

this is mild compared to some
We love being parents. Austin is so wonderful with Natalie, always eager to spend time with her and help me with whatever I need. He reads to her, takes her on walks, and loves waking up first in the morning to get her out of the crib. She gives him such big gummy smiles, and my heart melts every time.

Her 2-month appointment is this week! We can't believe how fast she is growing; it's exciting to watch her develop. She is really good at raising her head and moves her legs as if she wants to crawl. She is a very good eater and, accordingly, fills her diapers very well : )

her "i'm pooping leave me alone" face

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