Saturday, September 1, 2012

One Month!!

Can you believe it? We have had this precious, happy girl for a full month already!

Natalie Jane is THE BEST. Ever. We just love her to pieces and are so grateful she is in our family. She has such a confident personality - when she is awake and alert she looks around with these big beautiful eyes with pretty eyelashes and you can tell she is taking everything in and developing her own opinions. Sometimes we just sit and stare at eachother, and I wonder what she is thinking.

One week old...she's changed so much!
She settled into her routine pretty early on which was great for she eats every three hours during the day. I feed her around 9pm and she goes down after 10, and then she doesn't wake up to eat again until around 3 in the morning. It's FABULOUS. Then she eats again around 7. When she wakes up in the morning I open the blinds and let her look outside and soak in the morning light - a big part of her sleeping so well at night already is that she recognizes the difference between night and day.

I have so many more's hard not to post them all!

School started for me two weeks ago and it's been a little stressful trying to figure out who is watching Natalie when I have class/accompanying, what time I need to feed her and where, how I'm going to get all my homework and practicing done, and still find time to enjoy my family, clean my home, and, heaven forbid, SHOWER amidst all that! Things are settling down though and it will be worth it come May when I will be a college graduate. Sigh.

She loves coming to studio class

A note about my husband: HE IS THE GREATEST. There is no WAY I could do anything without his help, support, and love. He is so wonderful with Natalie and eases a ton of my stress and worry, even when he has a lot on his mind with his own school, work, and exercise too. I love him so very much and am grateful for him every day! (He even takes turns soothing Natalie in the middle of the night, so I'm sleeping so much more!)

I have so much more to write about but time is short, the Huskers are up 7, and I have a hungry baby waiting for me. Don't worry, I still plan on writing about her hospital stay and more details about her first few weeks, plus what we have been up to in August.

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