Sunday, September 30, 2012

September Happenings

Life at the Poulsens has been busy, full, and fun this month. Natalie is a wonderful baby with a very calm temperament, so we've been able to get out and do lots of things. We love spending time with our families in Lincoln and Papillion, and are always looking for an excuse to come over.

She loves her grandparents!

Aunt Makall

Aunt Annie

Uncle Sam

My brother Max just turned twenty, and in December he will be going to the Alpine Mission for two years, serving as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Southern Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. We are so proud of him and excited to hear about all his experiences. Natalie will miss her Uncle Max though!

We have gotten some good friend time in this month as well. We try to have a Beekly Weekly, which is a gathering of us roommates from sophomore year. They are awesome and help babysit when I have class or want to work out or just come over to hang out. Birkenstocks, sweats, and CTAS's are a necessity on such occasions.

Susan and Snat : )

Also in September our friends Goose and Carrie came to visit. It was so fun having them here for a few days and we were bummed when they had to leave. Austin and Goose have known eachother since middle school and laughed the entire visit about old silly memories. Carrie and I sometimes laughed along, sometimes rolled our eyes. : ) We had a picnic and played at the park, went to the Temple, had good food, played CatchPhrase (which, if I'm not mistaken, the girls ended up winning overall), and spent time catching up and, for me and Carrie, getting to know eachother better.

Daddy is blurry, but this is how she looks at him all the time : )
   In other news, Austin started his new job this month, and it is already going so well. (More on that, to come.) Natalie and I went to the General Relief Society Broadcast last night at the church with Suzy (my fabulous mother-in-law) and it was wonderful. The spirit was very tangible and I pondered some things I will work on as a mother, sister, and wife. I love the Gospel and I am so grateful to be a member of this church.  We watched Music and the Spoken Word this morning with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and it brought such a good feeling into our home. I'm glad Natalie will grow up with these good influences and that she will be able to always be in a place where the spirit can be. Good music is so good for the soul! Natalie loves Dave Brubeck, Brahms, Bach, and Call Me Maybe. Just making sure we're covering all the bases : )

This month positively FLEW by, what with school, work, raising this happy baby, and everything else. We are loving this fall weather and are looking forward to October. (And November - we bought our plane tickets for Thanksgiving in Utah!)

I just love our baby girl : )

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  1. Natalie is just the cutest! I really want to meet her! You guys are a such a cute family! I cant wait for Natalie and Lily to be friends! They will have almost the same age spacing as me and you!