Sunday, September 9, 2012


SO, in case you haven't noticed, we absolutely adore our sweet baby girl. We won't deny that having a baby is hard, but neither of us would ever, ever go back. Natalie is so fun to have in our family - we can't imagine life without her. She's serious a lot of the time but has her silly moments, and she's starting to give us real smiles!

Daddy loves being silly with her haha

Sleeping beauty : )

Cozy with Daddy

She loves baths : )

She only started liking her swing a week or two ago

If it seems like our lives have been completely taken over by this little sweetheart, they have! It's hard to find time as a couple and time individually, not to mention get our homework, housework, work work, and work outs done. (Even now I've gone to put her bink back in three times since starting this blog!) I am the happiest when I focus on making Natalie content and have an "if I get it done, great; if not, great" attitude about my other responsiblities. Naturally she comes first, and that took some getting used to when I'm usually so productive around the house, etc. Such a sweet spirit makes it easy for us to focus on her though.

Haha, she sticks her legs straight out when
she has a pumped bottle (which only
happens a couple times a week)

We catch naps whenever and wherever we can!
Life would be MUCH easier if I didn't have school/piano to worry about, but time will go by fast and I am grateful for these opportunities. I promise that eventually I will write an update about the rest of our lives, but clearly right now our focus is on our precious daughter.

Have a good week!

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