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The Great Pumpkin, Natalie Jane

1. Natalie slept through the night (again).
2. Free pumpkins since the store had leftovers. For once our procrastination paid off.
3. Hocus Pocus. Never gets old.
4. Papa John's pineapple/pepperoni pizza(s). I ate 4 slices.
5. Natalie sat in a pumpkin. Got pictures for posterity.

The shopping!

The carving!

The result!

Poor thing was a little traumatized, but I think a lot of it was that she was cold.
It was worth it for the pictures.

Happy Halloween!


I remember counting down for my birthday months in advance when I was younger; this year it was more like "Oh, it's October 29th, happy birthday to moi!"

The day started off on the BEST note when Natalie beat her previous sleeping record by going all the way from 9:45 pm til, wait for it: 6:45 am!!! AHH! I woke up several times expecting to hear her hungry squealies from the room next door, but it was all quiet on the baby front. I didn't want to risk going in to check on her and accidentally wake her up, so I waited it out.

My body didn't know what to do with that much rest, so I fed the Sweet, had a delicious healthy breakfast, and headed off to work out. I kind of couldn't believe I was doing it on my birthday (it's a built-in excuse!) but I figured there's no time like the present to get into better shape.

Side note: I had a little hiatus from ERASE, but I'm back on track and ready to get results. I need lots of encouragement and no temptati…

Natalie Jane - 2.5 months : )

ERASE and Conquer!

Can you believe it's OCTOBER 21st!? Time is going SOOOO fast.

I remember when I was a few weeks from having Natalie and time was just slogging by. Want to speed things up? Have a baby!

Anyway, it's been a good week! ERASE (eat right and sweat every day) is going well; I've been pretty lax about having sweets this weekend, but overall the foods I'm eating and their portion sizes have been much better for me. Austin is awesome at helping me make time to work out - he's the greatest and I need all the support he gives me. Working out feels SO GOOD. So good. It is satisfying to be doing something about my weight. Woo!

I had a great piano lesson this week - I've been making practicing more of a priority, and Natalie loves listening to any noises so she just plays while I'm at the piano. I love learning and I've been a school girl all my life, but I have to say I cannot WAIT to graduate. Can. Not. Wait. A semester and a half to go, folks!

Date night was a f…