Sunday, October 7, 2012

Another exciting week...

Wearing the sweater Grammy knit her

Our little girl is growing and changing and we just love her to pieces. She weighs over 12 pounds 2 ounces now and is over two months old. The doctor glowed about her and said we are very lucky to have such a wonderful baby...we quite agree!

This week had a little bit of everything. We went on a mini trip, saw our families, and watched General Conference. GC is a semi-annual gathering of our church where we hear via broadcast from our general leaders (we have leaders at the local, regional, and worldwide level...this is the worldwide level) about doctrine, how to be happy, what is going on in the church as a whole, ways to improve ourselves and our lives, etc. It is awesome, and we look forward to it every time. After watching this conference (it's a two-day event) I feel very uplifted - I'm extra grateful for my healthy daughter and helpful husband, and feel very very blessed in our lives. Our testimonies of Jesus Christ, the scriptures, and why we are here on Earth grew and we are already looking forward to April for the next GC!

LDS General Conference - click to watch any or all of the talks

Aunts and Aaron!

Natalie's new favorite nap spot

Peanut taking a break
Natalie doesn't really fuss or have issues but for a while it seemed like she didn't like anything that was spicy or even too spiced, like salsa or green peppers. This was a problem for me because I don't like bland food and I add hot sauce to everything. Thankfully, however, I've been trying a few things here and there that could potentially be suspect but it seems like the Sweet isn't having a problem with spicies anymore. Hooray! I won't overdo it yet, but it's nice to be able to add a bit of tabasco to things and eat onions again. We went to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants the other day and Natalie had fun pretending to be an adult.

I accompany for a voice studio at school and on Friday there was a voice competition in Hastings, NE that some of my singers were participating in. We decided to turn it into a little Poulsen roadtrip, and the three of us went up to Hastings (about two hours from Lincoln) on Thursday night. While I was getting her ready for bed, Austin went to the local McDonald's to load up on Monopoly game pieces...we got a little obsessed. Two large fries (and let me tell you, a large fry at Mcdonald's is a meal in and of itself, and we got TWO), two extra large sodas, and a 20 - piece chicken nuggets. Needless to say, we felt gross after, but we were satisfied with our 16 Monopoly pieces. (Would you judge us if I told you we went to the golden arches four times in a 24 hour period, just for the Monopoly?)

she wanted a turn

Natalie's first hotel!

We were afraid sleeping in a hotel would mess up Natalie's night plan but she slept from 9:30 pm to 5 am... more than seven whole hours! It was awesome. I kept waking up to check on her because normally she wakes up before 5, but I wasn't complaining...let's hope she keeps this up! The singing deal was the next morning, and we went over to Hastings College where I played for 7 singers in different categories. Three of my singers made it to finals, and we left as soon as we were done with that, around four or five. It was a long day, but Natalie was a total trooper and we had some fun, too.

This is how I found them when I was done playing

We still love Daddy, even if he
pees in funny places : )

Precious girl!
I'm sure I'm forgetting things, but that's this week's Peek...goodnight!

(Oh! My best friend from middle school ran a half marathon today! Gooooo Ananda!)

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