Sunday, October 21, 2012

ERASE and Conquer!

Can you believe it's OCTOBER 21st!? Time is going SOOOO fast.

she used to be so small! ah! (although 8lb 9oz
isn't exactly small!)

I remember when I was a few weeks from having Natalie and time was just slogging by. Want to speed things up? Have a baby!

We've done a lot of just
hanging out this week.

We love to play!

Down time watching TV
(not Keeping Up with the Kardashians...hehe)
Anyway, it's been a good week! ERASE (eat right and sweat every day) is going well; I've been pretty lax about having sweets this weekend, but overall the foods I'm eating and their portion sizes have been much better for me. Austin is awesome at helping me make time to work out - he's the greatest and I need all the support he gives me. Working out feels SO GOOD. So good. It is satisfying to be doing something about my weight. Woo!

At Natalie's baby blessing last week

I had a great piano lesson this week - I've been making practicing more of a priority, and Natalie loves listening to any noises so she just plays while I'm at the piano. I love learning and I've been a school girl all my life, but I have to say I cannot WAIT to graduate. Can. Not. Wait. A semester and a half to go, folks!

Date night was a fun walk to the ice cream store ACROSS THE STREET (can you say "dangerous?"), and episode of Season 4 of The West Wing, and a chapter read out loud from a Star Wars book. NOT ONLY am I actually reading (and enjoying!) a Star Wars book, I suggested it! I wanted to know what Austin's obsession was all about, so when we finished Harry Potter 7 *sniff* it was time for a Han, Leia, and Luke adventure.

Bundled up for ice cream!

NJ loves West Wing
 Anyone who knows me knows I don't care much for meat, but in an effort to be more healthy I replaced our ground beef for ground turkey. Weird? Surprisingly, no. Everything we have used it in so far tastes normal, and, in some cases, better, according to my husband. I'm still a little skeptical, but I usually pick most meats out anyway so it's all good.

can you just DIE of cuteness!?

Other activites from this week include:
-a cute baby shower with some church pals
-secondhand maternity clothes (no, this is not an announcement, just taking advantage of a good deal!)
-going to the Temple : )
-hanging out in Papillion with the fam
-dinner in Lincoln with (more) fam
-cold weather, rain, and then 80 degrees today
-watching "Holes" - so good!
-homework, work, and housework...the norm

Check out the piece of gum I dropped
into this candle (to the right of
the flame haha)
I feel like I never have anything super exciting or funny on the blog anymore...our lives revolve around Miss Natalie and I guess the blog reflects that. (Although Natalie is both exciting and funny!) I just asked Austin if he had anything to contribute: "Well, I went to went to we have no life." :)

such a sweetheart

I don't miss life before children because Natalie just makes us so happy, but it is a lot of work, and certainly a full-time job. Austin and I appreciate the simple pleasures of eating dinner together (at the same time, at the table...don't take it for granted, people!), reading in bed uninterrupted, and, of course, sleeping, and also love all the new, silly, fun, precious things we get to do with our baby. It's important to enjoy every time and season in our lives, and that is just what we are doing.

Who wouldn't love this bundle of joy!?
 (check out the next blog of all the extra Natalie pictures!)

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