Thursday, October 11, 2012


Photo shoot!

The girls : )

Natalie is taking a power nap (interrupted only by an exciting amount of poo) next to me as our traditional Tangled is on in the background. I figured it would be a good time to write again since I don't quite have enough time to do my other projects. (We will wait for Daddy to get home to do those!)

Life is so good. I pretty much took today and yesterday completely off, preferring instead to actually feel like a stay-at-home-mom. It has been FABULOUS - it's like my cloak of stress and frustration came off and I can enjoy spending time with Natalie on her schedule instead of my class-errands-practicing-feeding-more-class schedule. Seriously, it is so nice to just be a MOM. I know it is a blessing that I will have a degree this coming May and that I have incredible grants and scholarships to do it, but when I get to be home with Natalie and have no pressing needs other than raising her and being a good wife, I feel like I'm really reaching my true potential instead of feeling inhibited at school.

we love taking CONs together (community organized nap)

vertical tummy time, haha

She's happier too when we
get to just hang out at home
Natalie has been more active recently and seems more interested in playing, so we got her a new playmat and she LOVES it. She goes crazy over this plush bug that hangs down in front of her - she swats at it tirelessly and flails the rest of her body too. It is hilarious, especially since she tries to make conversation too with lots of "ngoos," "ohhs," and "gaks!" There's also a mirror attached and she loves staring into it and trying to touch the "person" she sees.

then she falls asleep, spent from all that playing

She is so happy and lovely and we can't get enough of her. The other day I picked her up and was snuggling and called my mom just because I needed to express to someone how unbelievably perfect and beautiful Natalie Jane is!

In other news, it is TIME to lose weight! I am 100% grateful that I had a healthy, 8 lb 9 oz baby and I have no regrets about my pregnancy eating habits, BUT now that I'm not growing a life inside of me I need to get my act together. I lost 35 pounds in the weeks after Natalie was born, but I've reached the point now where I have to make a concerted effort to lose even more. We want a big family but not a big me, and I'm afraid if I don't get down to a size I'm happy with before we have more children I will just be doomed to eternal weight gain.

SO. It's time. My mom is banding with me and we are starting to ERASE: Eat Right And Sweat Everyday(because acronyms make everything more fun!) It's so hard when bad food makes us so happy, is a social thing, and is convenient and cheap, but we have given in to the temptations long enough and are ready to move forward. The thing is, healthy food is delicious though, and it makes me feel good in a different but still satisfying way. I just usually don't have a lot of it on hand, or it takes longer to prepare so I succomb to accessible junk food. Not anymore! Natalie and I went shopping yesterday to load up on everything Austin and I need to have healthy meals and snacks, 24/7. Luckily for me, I don't mind things that are sugar- or fat-free, but my husband can't STAND anything like that, especially sugar-free. He's a great sport though : ) I asked him the other day why I was having such a hard time losing weight, and he said, "Because you're doing an awesome job raising our two-month-old daughter, just like you should be." Taking care of NJ is definitely my priority, but I think I have been using it as an excuse not to shed the pounds. I worked out for the first time in forever yesterday, and it felt great! I know that I'm out of shape and so I am taking it slow, but our apartment has an excellent little gym room with new equipment and everything I need to sweat a lot. ERASE!

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