Sunday, October 14, 2012

In Which I Pluck My Eyebrows

(I always have to start out with pictures of the Sweet, I mean come on...)

Morning nap : )

Such a sophisticated sleeper!

Okay. The topic of plucking eyebrows is not for the faint-hearted, so please tune in later if you need to. I guess I should clarify: the topic of plucking MY eyebrows is what's alarming. Actually, just my brows in general. I've been aware of my, ahem...problem, since I can remember looking in the mirror and actually caring about what I see. I complained to my glamorous aunt one time when I was probably 13, saying, "but Jennifer, they are CATERPILLARS." She lovingly touseled my hair and said, "Oh not at all Jessie; you have been blessed with the 'Sanders' eyebrows" with a look of admiration and a raised eyebrow (go figure). I remember thinking, "Why are bushy eyebrows a good family trait?"

Fast forward: every parent says that once you have children you don't have any time for yourself. I know I only have one baby and she hasn't even been with us for three months, but I'd amend that statement to not having as much time for myself as we used to. Duh. But I've found time to practice, go to school, see my friends and family, and work out. HOWEVER: plucking the brows doesn't really make the cut when I'm going through important things to do in my day. This means that not only have I not done any brow maintenance since Natalie was born, I can't remember the last time they were ripped before then. (That's what I call waxing since that's what it feels like.) AKA: CATASTROPHE. I would take a picture but it's bad enough even talking about it. They were out of control.

So last night I took evasive action and draped myself over our bathroom counter and plucked those bad boys until you could see my eyes again. I don't know about you, but I think plucking is a nightmare. So many little pricks of pain and my eyes water and my skin turns blotchy and it's just a hot mess. BUT! My brows have been mown and look much better.

Phew. Had to get that off my chest. I'm not sure why I thought it was appropriate to blog about it because in 10 years when we are looking back I know I'm not going to be like, "Man, I wish I wrote down my feelings about plucking eyebrows," but right now it feels good to write it down. Moving on.

In other news: Natalie has graduated! ...from her cradle, that is. Austin and I used our (okay, his) problem-solving powers and set up her new crib yesterday. She looked so cute in her little rocking mini-crib, but it was time for the upgrade.


Her room is full of mismatched furniture and we love it. I'll have to get a picture sometime.

Now we just finished watching the weekly Music and the Spoken Word (thank you, MoTab!) and are getting ready for church. Today is special because NJ is getting her baby blessing. If you aren't familiar with our church, it's a special blessing given by fathers to their new children, officially giving the baby a name and then using the Priesthood to bless her with whatever the father is inspired to say, such as health or a strong testimony. Baby blessings are special, especially for us with our first. Both our families will be attending and we are excited to share this joyous occasion with them.

(Does anyone else have trouble spelling "occasion?" I always want to put the i by the a, like "occaision.")

Austin and I went on a great date on Friday, leaving Natalie with family and enjoying Famous Dave's together. He goes crazy for those ribs! Then he took me to get some new clothes, which of course was fine with me : ) I love being with my husband. He makes me so comfortable and happy and in love. So grateful!

Me, as a baby...see the resemblance?!

Natalie Jane was being funny while I was in the shower this morning. I put her in her bouncy chair at the bathroom door so I can keep an eye on her and normally she just plays or ponders, but today she kept spitting her bink out and then immediately wishing she hadn't. It was like a game she was playing with herself and it was funny haha. I had to traipse out of the shower, dripping everywhere, to put her bink back and I swear as soon as I got back in the shower, she spit it out again. Silly girl!

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