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It's been too long in between blogs; I hate when time gets away from me because I can't go back and hit all the things that have been going on. Oh well.


November is fuh-LYING by! I can't believe that it is Tgiving this week. Tomorrow we fly to Utah! Woo! It has been entirely too long. It will be Natalie's first vacation, not to mention airplane. Wish us luck!

Things we have been up to:

This sweet girl! She gets better every single day. We just love her SO. MUCH. Skills she's working on:

 *side note - Natalie usually keeps her thumb tucked under her other fingers so she doesn't have the opportunity to suck her thumb, but she extracted it finally and we caught her doing this hahahaha! Probably the cutest thing to date. (She is a bink baby though, not a thumb sucker, and we plan to keep it that way if we can haha.)

Last week we had a Jane Austen movie night with the BK419 girls (we were all roommates sophomore year) and it was delightful. I'm so gl…

November Peek

Natalie Jane is getting so big! She is three months and a week now, working on sitting up and still getting closer to consistently sleeping through the night. Her pile of doesn't-fit-anymores grows every day, it seems like. She's kept Grammy busy knitting lots of fun things!

Things this we did this week:

1. celebrated my twin brother Jack's and my birthday with my whole family at the classic Tico's Mexican Restaurant. so great.

2. accompanied for singers at a vocal competition. Natalie was very cooperative and enjoyed being passed around for the two-day event.
side note: I am so grateful for my husband. He is so helpful and loving and supportive always, but I especially appreciate it when I have events like this. Love.

3. a lot of hanging out.

2620 South 70th Street

We moved here in August but we are just now putting up pictures - we love this place!

So two bed, two bath, coat closet, linen closet, and huge sliding door. We don't know how long we will be here but it is perfect right now!