Sunday, November 18, 2012


our pretty, curious girl

It's been too long in between blogs; I hate when time gets away from me because I can't go back and hit all the things that have been going on. Oh well.


November is fuh-LYING by! I can't believe that it is Tgiving this week. Tomorrow we fly to Utah! Woo! It has been entirely too long. It will be Natalie's first vacation, not to mention airplane. Wish us luck!

Things we have been up to:

This sweet girl! She gets better every single day. We just love her SO. MUCH. Skills she's working on:





sucking her thumb!
 *side note - Natalie usually keeps her thumb tucked under her other fingers so she doesn't have the opportunity to suck her thumb, but she extracted it finally and we caught her doing this hahahaha! Probably the cutest thing to date. (She is a bink baby though, not a thumb sucker, and we plan to keep it that way if we can haha.)

Bink stew!

Last week we had a Jane Austen movie night with the BK419 girls (we were all roommates sophomore year) and it was delightful. I'm so glad I married a man self-respecting enough to admit he enjoys some good P and P.

We almost peed our pants the other day when a terrifying praying mantis worked its way into our home. The removal involved spatulas, a notebook, and lots of shrieking and cringing.


There's lots of playing at our house!

We had the greatest Saturday this past weekend - the only thing we had on the schedule was a fun double date in the evening. That NEVER happens! It seems like we always have a million things on Saturday, but this time we just spent the day getting stuff done at home and relaxing as a family. We cleaned everything: bathrooms, kitchen, etc, and then Austin vacuumed. (What's better than fresh carpet lines? Mm.)

Only problem is...the vacuum is Natalie-sized.
I know we sound super lame being excited about a Saturday where we get to clean all day, but it was so juicy to get our home all in order. Another project was cold-proofing Natalie's window so that she stays warm at night. We were very proud of ourselves when we were done, but really it wasn't a big deal haha - put the window tape on the sill, stick the saran wrap material on, and cut off the slack. Boom.

then blow dry the creases out
(check out that focus!)

It's been fun. : )

(I'm at my parent's house right now and Toy Story 3 was about to get over - everyone, like all 8 of us at home, stopped what they were doing to watch the ending. The best.)

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

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