Monday, December 17, 2012

A Day in the Life...

Here's my typical Monday (when I'm not in school):

Fetch Natalie when I hear her morning noises (around 8:30 today...awesome!)

Be cozy, change diapie, feed her, put on a real outfit, play

She naps, I write Max a letter and read my scriptures

She wakes up, we play with some toys, we go on a mommy/baby bagel date

Stop by the store, be home by lunch to meet Daddy, feed/change Natalie and gear up for another nap

I make a snack (homemade pizza rolls) and clean the kitchen; we Skype with Ananda

Natalie wakes up; we play and sing and she helps me work on my super secret project for Daddy : ) (I would post pictures but that kind of defeats the super secret part) I feed and change her; Makall comes over for a little while

I work on dinner and Natalie hangs out until Daddy gets home!

We eat dinner, I tidy the living room while Daddy plays with Natalie

I practice piano (even on break - I'm so proud!) and go work out (I'm on a roll!) while Daddy and Natalie watch basketball

Daddy goes to the gym and Natalie gets jammies, a lotiony massage, songs, a book, and a last supper

...and she's in bed asleep by 9. Now it's 9:44 and Austin is playing with Harold the iPad mini and I'm finishing up the blog on Harriet the HP. We'll probably have a treat, take a shower since we're work-out gross, study scriptures together and then fall asleep in bed reading our own books.

Lather, rinse, repeat. I LOVE being a stay-at-home mom and not worrying about anything but having fun with my baby. She is just such a JOY you guys, I can't even put it in words. I love when I make her giggle and she mimmicks the sounds I make; I love having fun handing her toys and watching her grow; I love how her face lights up when she sees us; I love her sweet face when she falls asleep; I love how she balls up her fists with her thumb under her fingers; I love how she grabs my face when I lean in close; I love when she peeks up at me with a huge grin while I'm feeding her; I love going on errands and feeling so happy that she gets to come with me wherever I go; I love when she sneezes and poops and babbles; I love giving her baths and seeing her nakie body; I love sharing all of this with her amazing dad/my wonderful husband; I love love love being a mom. I feel so fulfilled and blessed and full of happiness every day.


  1. What a fantastic post. It is so fun to read how you are just bubbling over with love for your precious girl.

  2. Being mommy is the best. :) I'm glad you are loving it.