Monday, December 31, 2012


Reasons why I love Christmas break:

1. Daddy is home with us more often. YES.

2. Natalie gets full, satisfying naps (which means I can get things done!).

3. I have time for house projects and can tidy to my heart's content!

newly organized closet
(very juicy)

finishing touches on our room
(we LOVE our new canvas picture!)
A clean home is a happy home, and right now our home is ecstatic. I love being home to make good, more time-consuming dinners and have our evenings more free to be together instead of running off to some school thing or practicing.


I love having more time to read, especially after a Christmas of getting a total of 18 books between the three of us. We also got a new bookshelf from Austin's parents, thank goodness!

(mostly) my bookshelf

Austin's Star Wars shelf

the new (joint) bookshelf
it totally completes our bedroom

I love having so many books in our home, and now we have a place for all of them. Happy break!

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