Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Capers

We went to get new phones this week and Austin had a $200 Visa giftcard, so he said I could get whatever I wanted. I was tempted to get the iPhone and actually had it in my hand before I realized that I could save $150 and get an equally capable phone. I put the iPhone back and was perfectly happy with my other choice (a stylish white phone with purple case, thank you very much!). We were on the way home and Austin said, "Okay, Barnes and Noble?" I was confused because we had just gone there the previous week (which isn't abnormal for us) but I said, "Sure, why?" and he said, "You get to choose books since you opted out of the iPhone!"

Best husband ever.

So with the extra money on the Visa, we each chose a book for ourselves, for Natalie, and for the family. If you know us, you know books are our FAVORITE, so we were in heaven. We decided we'd use this opportunity to complete our Harry Potter collection, purchasing 3 and 4. We had to display all seven books on the piano, it looked so fabulous together! (I chose "The Night Circus" by Erin Morgenstern and Austin got "The Black Prism" by Brent Weeks; for Natalie Austin chose "Strega Nona" (Nata Nona, as we call it) and I got Mary Engelbreit's "Twas the Night Before Christmas").

We did most of our Christmas shopping today (for other people this time, not just ourselves!) and it makes Christmas seem that much closer. I'm excited to wrap - there's something extremely juicy about packaging presents all perfectly in pretty paper! (alliteration!)

Natalie has been very helpful lately:

all ready for Mommy's jog

helping us find things at LeGrandpa's house

snoozing while I write a letter to Elder Max

We've been trying to capture her poop face for a while now, and I think we kind of got it with these shots:

She gets so focused : )

She's been practicing her rolling too; she's great at going from back to stomach, but she doesn't know what to do after that:

Usually she just gets mad. She loves rolling so much that she tries to do it even when she's tired, so a couple times we've found her asleep half-rolled over haha!

She eventually splays back out on her back, the cute thing.

It is SO FUN to play with her. I love how she interacts with us and her toys. She has changed so much, even just this last month.

sometimes it's something normal...

...or it's a wipe
Also, just a clarification: my dear husband may love his Christmas Fishbowl (and I kind of do too, it's actually quite charming,) but nothing replaces true Christmas trees, so we will definitely have some sort of greenery as well : )

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