Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

Our first Christmas Eve as a family of three!

Mommy and Natalie Jane hung out at home watching cheesy Christmas movies on TV while Daddy played basketball.

mid-squeal of delight

"playing" with Chloe-doll
Christmas colors!
We did some last-minute Christmas shopping and then headed over to our Lincoln family's house. We ate all sorts of yummy treats, homemade pizza, and, of course, the traditional Christmas Eve Chinese.

giggles for Uncle Anthony
the presents!

reading scriptures

Natalie even learned a new trick: she found her bottom lip and loves sucking on it.

We had Christmas movies going, people taking naps, QRTs, and general festive cheer. : )

And, of course, PRESENTS! (since we won't be there Christmas morning)

Natalie had fun ripping the paper, and she got lots of fun toys, new books, and cute clothes. Austin and I got some juicy things too, especially a new bookcase with an accompanying pile of new reads...thanks, Poulsens!

Santalie with Gram!
Now Natalie is all cozy in bed and Austin and I are enjoying our books and hot chocolate (courtesy of Afton and Anthony...thank you!) Merry Christmas everyone!

his and hers...guess which one is Austin's?

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