Thursday, December 27, 2012


In the immortal words of Dobby: Have a Harry Christmas! We certainly did.

featuring the Christmas Fishbowl

We spent the day in Papillion at my parent's house and had a great time. We saw Les Mis (which is STUNNING, absolutely beautiful), hung out at home, made pancakes, and enjoyed our gifts.

Sam got a memory pillow
(his third one...hope he doesn't
leave this one at a hotel haha)
he carries it around with him
(on the right)
The game Trouble has always been a fav of our family. We used to have a white board with all of our names and we would keep track of Trouble wins. Our old game board, bless its heart, was loved to death and it was time to retire, so we got my dad a fresh board for Christmas.
falling apart

new vs. old
missing pieces, faded colors,
not very popomatic anymore

Dad killed us all

Grammy time

we love uncle Jack

already learning how to text
 Happy days. We spent time with our family in Lincoln, too. It also snowed for the first time last week!

talking with legrandpa

cozy with grandma

all of us with our five finger vibram shoes!
Daddd, it's cold...

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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  1. great christmas pictures! loving natalie's little tongue :-).