Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Drum ROLLLL, please!

Miss Finch is ROLLING! I almost missed it this morning the first time she did it because it was so unexpected - it was like a switch turned in her head and she decided it was time to roll and now that's all she wants to do. It's pretty funny to watch...she gets so proud of herself.

P.s. this orange ball is AWESOME -
four dollars well-spent

Other new things this week:

Natalie can read!

Okay maybe not. But this is one of her new favorite toys - it's chewable and has a squeaker!

Wait...where'd it go?

She also seems to have suddenly perfected the art of the reach-and-grab - it is so satisfying to hold a toy in front of her and have her be able to take it from me. She loves playing! I swear she learns a new skill every day.

Double-fisting the toys
Natalie Jane also got her first tastes of rice cereal! She doesn't quite understand that you have to open your mouth to let the spoon get in, but she seems to really like the cereal. (I know some moms don't agree with the rice cereal approach, saying that it's not specifically nutritionally beneficial etc, but I think it's great as a starter food because it is bland, easy to digest, and it is teaching her how to eat. Plus, you have your whole life to eat veggies...she'll survive if she doesn't have peas from day one.)

licking her fingers it's so good

And, this is nothing new, but every day she is getting cuter and cuter! We love to squeeze and play and laugh and sing. It is so exciting to watch her grow and change...I still can't believe she's rolling over!

Finally, in honor of Max entering the MTC today:

gingerbread missionaries teaching the grinch hahaha
(at the gingerbread display at the winter quarters temple visitor's center)

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