Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The First Thanksgiving

(BAH! It's been way too long! We got home from our trip and immediately got attacked by real life...our house is a disaster and we can't tell which clothes are clean or dirty since they are all just on the floor, so needless to say [but I'm going to say it anyway!] blog was not at the top of the list.)

Natalie's first Thanksgiving was awesome! Highlights of our 8-day trip to Utah:


such a happy girl at the airport! (and all the time, actually)

she slept and ate and played on the planes

Jessie: look! a bison!
Austin: WHAT!? you can see a bison from up here!?
Such a blessing that all of our grandparents are still alive and that they could meet Natalie when she is so young. Everyone L O V E D her. (Understatement).

Grandpa Bee

Gma Poulsen

Gpa Poulsen

Grammy Bee

(We also spent time with Grandma and Grandpa Winterton, but I left my camera in the car...oops.)


We decided there is one restaurant for every person in Utah...they are EVERYWHERE!

We were too busy enjoying to take any pictures but here was our restaurant rundown:

Hires Big H
Training Table
China Buffet
Old Spaghetti Factory
Hires Big H (not a typo...we went twice)
P.F. Changs (I know, I know, not a Salt Lake original...)

We also made food, and, duh, had Thanksgiving dinner.

I think we might have eaten three loaves
and gone through an entire jar of jam.
The grocery store by my grandparents' house is Dan's, although it is more often referred to as "Deen's" in our family. Every time we go to Salt Lake we go there and load up on Creamies, chocolate milk, and Haagen-Dazs coffee ice cream. Nothing better.

last time...
this time! natalie wanted in on the action but
she was uncomfortable having "coffee"

Our job for The Dinner was to peel and cut the potatoes. We took it very seriously - less-than-perfect mashers just don't work for us.

Biggest potatoes in the WORLD.
(Boil em, mash em...stickeminastew)

We always said we wouldn't want to live in 'tah, but this time we were totally enamored by the glorious mountains and views.


...fifth wheel?

It was great to see Austin's friends from high school. Nothing is more fun than getting together and laughing til it hurts with these guys. (NEANDERTALLLLLL!)

"Guys. I had an inspiration the other day. I neeeeeed to support my family, but...I really feel like I can't be supportive of them." Typical haha.

We didn't get a picture but Austin got to hang out with a mission buddy too - it's so fun to reconnect with people. He told us a funny story about his little brothers brushing their teeth one night:

William (8ish): Your turn to brush, Jaden! *gets right up in his face*
Jaden (6ish): *backs away hurriedly in disgust* EWWWWWWW! It smells like you swallowed a thousand farts!

OMG. We were on the floor laughing hahahahaha. I love kids.


With so much family around and no school or work, we were able to read a ton! We both finished books and started new ones. We went to the double-decker Barnes one day and then found this store: THE BEST. We were seriously in nerd heaven - it's our new thing to look forward to on Utah visits. Check it out.


It was so fun to show her off and be told a million times how perfect, beautiful, well-behaved, easy, funny, adorable, and well-dressed our baby is.  (We are totally going to be the compliment-fishing/embarrassing-bragging kind of parents. "Oh, your son got an A on that paper? WELL OUR DAUGHTER GOT AN A+!")

...I guess we didn't say much at all about Tgiving, but it was great and we are thankful!


  1. Oh my goodness I want to gobble up that lil baby! I say we need to get together and have our girls meet! We should plan a girls weekend!

  2. YES...let's! Lily will be here SO SOON!