Friday, December 7, 2012

Four months old!

Things she's been up to recently:

Being too cool for school.
(Literally - my semester is almost over.)

Helping me cook

Going on lots of car rides - it's a busy

trying to sit up/eat the seat restraints haha
spreading all sorts of
Christmasalie cheer

Climbing trees!

Being cozy with Grandpa Moo and Peanut

Entertaining Aunt Annie and friends (I love this picture)

working on rolling over

almost sitting up alone!

visiting LeGrandpa at work
spending lots of time with daddy :)
She had her four-month checkup this week; she weighs 15 lbs 1 oz and is almost ready for rice cereal. She took her shots like a pro and is doing well in every capacity. She started sleeping through the night in Utah but has since relapsed a little, usually waking up around 5 to have a little snack. (She's sleeping 9-5 and I'm complaining...hello, that's 8 awesome hours I need to be grateful for!)

We love our little Finch : ) She brings us extra joy this Christmas season, and we feel extremely blessed. Being a parent alone is wonderful, but parenting with your spouse is just the best. I love raising our daughter together - my husband is SO FABULOUS!

I'm getting ready for some excellent holiday crafts - if anyone has fun ideas please pass them along!

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