Monday, December 31, 2012

Fruit Rage

Not all toys are created equal, according to Natalie Jane. She loves some toys (the orange holey ball), doesn't really understand other toys (Chloe doll), and hates certain toys. One particular toy she despises is a key ring with fruit. Looks harmless, you can even freeze it for teething relief, but for some reason Natalie always rages when she plays with it. It seems fine for a minute, and then all of a sudden she emits this gutteral growl and flaps her arms and legs, flinging the fruit across the floor. Fruit rage.

kinda mad...

starting to rage...

When she has finished raging we have to calm her down by giving her the toys she likes.


hugs from Chloe doll

Also, Austin had Natalie take some "selfies" one morning.

rest break...

that's our happy fuzzy girl : )

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