Wednesday, January 30, 2013


It's Austin's birthday! Hooray! After a delightful sleep, thanks to Natalie only waking up to eat once and just a couple re-binkings, this is what we woke up to:

Most of my school responsibilities were cancelled, so we took the liberty of cancelling the rest and are spending the day at home...the best! It has been a marriage-long struggle to perfect the art of the fried egg, and I suspect it will continue for years to come. Unfortunately, this morning my dreams of a beautiful fluffy intact egg for my birthday husband were dashed when the egg stuck to the pan, the yolk popped, and instead of a creamy white it was more like a smoking brown. He was grateful and enjoyed it anyway, bless his heart. (I'm too embarrassed to post a he ate it too fast.)

spending the morning playing with Natalie and watching Monk, his faves
Austin is notorious for guessing his is almost impossible to surprise him. So, he opened his presents from me right after I got them last week so there was no danger of guessing. (He still guessed by the packaging though for most of the gifts -_-). We celebrated his birthday at his parent's house on Sunday with his favorite meal, barbecue chicken (or steak!) pizza, lime bars, and presents.

This is how they do presents - hit over the head and guess what it is! Naturally, most of Austin's spoils involved books, but he is also pretty excited about the electric carving knife he got.

Since he's 23 this year, I thought I'd list 23 reasons (by no means a complete list!) of my favorite Austin traits/memories. Feel free to pass if the gush factor is too much for you!

1- he loves to read, just like me. We can discuss books for hours, go to Barnes and Noble once a week, and our apartment continues to overflow with books. A really good problem to have.
2 - he is the hardest worker I know.
3 - he NEVER complains. And not in an annoying I-know-you're-frustrated-so-just-spit-it-out kind of way; he's just legitimately content 99% of the time.
4 - the way he gets laughing hysterically with his old friends
5 - how he jumped up and down and practically squealed when we found out we were pregnant with Natalie
6 - his example of being a righteous Priesthood holder, always being willing to serve, and leading our family in prayer and scripture study
7 - the outfits he chooses for Natalie - preferably polka dots/stripes with mismatched colors
8 - reading all seven Harry Potter books out loud in our first year of marriage
9 - shrieking like a girl together on the roller coasters at Cedar Point
10 - watching him play with Natalie - it's fun to see them interact, and see him grow as a father...he's the BEST dad in the world
11 - playing yahtzee late at night
12 - loving Pride and Prejudice, and letting us name Natalie Jane after Jane Austen
13 - putting up with Downton Abbey, even watching it with me most of the time
14 - how he gets so pumped watching NBA
15 - getting letters from him when I was in Europe
16 - the way he throws his head back when he thinks I'm being especially funny
17 - he's such a good money saver
18 - the way he always supports me in school, working out, raising Natalie, church callings...anything and everything. He's always got my back.
19 - his Star Wars obsession and book collection
20 - singing Wicked at the top of our lungs
21 - seeing him run toward me in his tuxedo when we were taking wedding pictures downtown, and seeing his face light up when he saw me in my dress
22 - his willingness to always give me foot rubs and paint my toenails when I was pregnant
23 - the way he loves me and serves me and takes care of me every day

I love my husband so much! Happy Birthday!

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  1. you're too cute. glad he had a happy birthday. i think cubby and austin would be good friends. we should all go out sometime!