Thursday, January 24, 2013


One day, all we really wanted was a grapefruit. So, we walked to the store and got one.

Natalie was pretty possessive.
I NEVER go to the store and leave with only one thing - I'm a distracted shopper ("Oh look tortillas and canned cherries are on sale...guess I better get 5!) - so this was pretty monumental. We were determined. (And we both forgot our wallets, so we were only working with what we could find in the car before we got the stroller out and headed for the store. Can't take too much credit, after all.)

"Is that all for you?" "Well....yeah, actually."
Austin decided to use our change to get a 25 cent soda to share (our favorite is the atrociously sweet Peach), but this time he wanted rootbeer...good choice, because TWO came out! Can't beat two for one, especially when one is only 25 cents! (So I guess we did leave with more than one thing after all.)

the cheesy happy face

We went home and feasted on our grapefruit and rootbeer : )

I must clarify that this was on my "free day" - I'm doing Farrell's Extreme Bodyshaping 10-week program and it is AWESOME. Full-on kick butt no pain no gain 6-days a week workouts, alternating strength training and cardio, which is kickboxing - with real, live boxing gloves! NOT A DRILL. I started on January 12th and haven't looked back - it has been incredible so far. I can already tell a difference in my body shape and tone - I feel so much stronger, I see myself improving in the strength workouts, doing exercises that a week ago I laughed at. My pants already fit better, I feel better about myself, and I can't wait to see what I look and feel like after 10 weeks!

I had to say goodbye to this King of all Snacks: o-rings and ranch

Included in this program is a pretty strict nutrition plan - lots of protein, "good" carbs and fats, logging everything so our coach can evaluate it and give us feedback, eating smaller meals every 2-3 hours instead of three big meals a day, drinking only water (and a TON of it), etc...I thought this was going to be the hardest part, because eating (usually junk food) is probably one of my top 3 favorite activities. I am completely committed to these ten weeks though, so I haven't even really been tempted. Plus, I've found that I actually love eating healthy, and my body does too! I plan ahead, have lots of available options in the fridge, never go anywhere without a protein bar and water bottle - the whole nine yards, folks! I've never eaten more meat in my life, but I'm finding ways to enjoy it (shocker!) and really attack the nutrition plan. It's very satisfying making healthy meals for my family, too. Lettuce wraps, turkey meatballs, cabbage lasagna...who knew I'd love these kinds of things?

a typical breakfast
 Anyway, Farrell's believes that you will go crazy if you restrict yourself 100% (thank goodness, I know I would be in the "crazy" category), so they have one day a week that is your "free day" - guilt-free eating pleasure to your heart's - and stomach's - content. We don't have to log our food, we don't have to eat at specific times, we can have as much PASTA and SUGAR and GREASE as we want, and it's a nice relief to satisfy those cravings you've been saving up all week. I've had one free day so far and I didn't go crazy, but at the end of the day I really didn't feel as energetic, self-confident, and overall healthy as I had the past week. Eating well really does impact your life - it feels good to be eating whole foods instead of preserved/sugared junk; veggies really do make you feel better than cheetos, and water feels so much more pure than pop. (Although I DID relish that rootbeer, even though it's not my favorite kind of soda.)

Having a baby is the best but I don't like what it did to my body, so it feels great to be doing something about it. Austin is going to do the next 10-week cycle when I'm done, and we are both excited to be in shape. Whenever we see families outside riding bikes or walking or throwing a football we always point and say "fit family fit family!" It's our goal to be the fittest family in Lincoln one day, and we are definitely on our way : )

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