Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Skillz at 5 months

Themes for this month: playing, grabbing, sleeping?, shrieking, rolling, sitting, Daddy time, I like my tummy.

 She is SUCH a joy! Ah!
As with everything else, it seems, one day Natalie just decided to make a change and grab things intentionally instead of us just cheering when we put a toy in her hand. No telling what that trigger is, but we aren't complaining because it is SO. MUCH. FUN now that she can actually play with us! She laughs all the time, loves having something in her hands (and, consequently, her mouth), kicks her legs when she gets excited, and sometimes just shrieks for no reason other than she is happy about life. I never shush her (unless she's having an unnecessary freakout: "Natalie Jane. Are those happy noises or nasty noises? Thank you.") because I think it is fabulous that she likes to babble - it's her way of communicating right now and I say the more the merrier. No surprises that MY daughter would like to talk! :)

Austin's bib solution looks like her first haircut : )
But that SMILE! She wins.
Along with reaching, grabbing, and playing, Natalie is very close to sitting up by herself, which makes playtime even more fun.

another cheeser...love it

She also doesn't mind tummy time anymore; in fact, that's how she usually plays on the floor nowadays.

She scooted all the way up to
the cabinet...we've got a curious one!
I'd like to reiterate how WONDERFUL my husband is, and how much we love having him home often. Natalie thinks her daddy is just the greatest!

Now that she understands more of the world around her, I think she's had a harder time going to sleep because she doesn't want to miss out. Lots of (extreme) rocking, white noise, patience, and luck are involved when putting her down. Sometimes, though, she'll just be playing or eating and be uncharacteristically fussy, and when we pick her up she immediately falls asleep. Those times are awesome. She still wakes up once or twice (on a good night) to eat, but usually goes down right away once she's full. Sometimes we feel like we are fighting a losing battle and give up on ever getting a full night's sleep again, but she always wakes up so happy and excited that we can't help but melt our frustrations away.

We love watching her wake up like this : )

where's the baby? yes, she prefers her face to be covered.

giving in, even though she still tries to "peek"

helping mommy do laundry

She started doing this adorable thing in December and I think she's already grown out of it, but she preferred to fall asleep on my shoulder instead of in my arms - it is the coziest, warmest, fuzziest feeling : )

 She also has taken to holding a fuzzy stuffed animal (currently, the kitty or lamb) up to her face when she wants to sleep, and it is SO ADORABLE. I think she plots out ways to make us even more enamored by her every day.

For some reason, when she's not busy hopping all around, Natalie is fascinated by the doorway when she is in her jumper. She fixates and reaches and tries to put her mouth all over it.

And, of COURSE, any child of mine and Austin must be born with an innate literary sense, loving reading and all things books from day one. Currently, Natalie is learning to count.

Time is going so fast, we can't believe our baby girl is almost six months old. Life is good and we are happy : )

(ALSO - it's good to be back in the blogging world. We had some technical difficulties and then got busy and then got out of the habit. Hence, the picture/post overload.)

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