Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sleepy Cheeks

Babies have a sleeping code that is almost impossible to crack, at least for most of the parents I have talked to. Sometimes they sleep great, sometimes they sleep through the night for two weeks and then wake up every hour for the next two weeks, sometimes they like swaddling, sometimes they get too hot, sometimes they won't sleep unless they are on their tummy but you are afraid you'll be a bad mom since everyone is screaming at you about SIDS and risk factors, and sometimes (or often) you just wake your husband up and let him have a turn.

I would say Natalie is average in the sleep category. When she was first born, everyone told us that she would just sleep all the time. Nope. From day one our baby has been alert and wanting to be a part of life, which we love! We just rearranged our sleep expectations and cheered for a 30-minute nap. Now she will take longer naps, but she still often fights it because she wants to play.

or, in the case of her five-day-old self, sit and observe
It's been a game of patience and not letting myself get frustrated, although there is no stomach sink-ier feeling than when you're finally back in bed after feeding your baby and she's fallen asleep after you walk out on eggshells...and then twenty minutes later you hear the little noises that make my body feel like an electric current just coursed through. (Aren't hormones amazing? I remember when we first brought her home I really felt a physical reaction in my body and bloodstream when Natalie would make little fusses.)

Every day though, no matter if we've had a good or not so good night, or if naps have been out of the question, or if someone chucks something hard and metal into the dumpster right outside Natalie's window RIGHT after she's finally fallen asleep, I am always grateful to have such a pretty, happy, cozy baby to snuggle with and rock to sleep. I love the feeling of putting my face next to hers, humming until she relaxes, of feeling her tiny breaths brush against my neck, of smelling the baby love smell of her skin and fuzzy hair, and feeling like she is so safe and protected in my arms. We love being cozy - sometimes I just have to bring her into bed with me because it is just the best!

And no matter what, she always, ALWAYS wakes up with a smile that melts away all frustration and impatience :)

And now, for some extra, cute pictures!

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