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End o' Feb

We have been up to a lot of fun this month. Last weekend we went to Omaha to meet up with one of Austin's middle/high school best friends and his wife at the temple and then lunch. It's always fun to see Austin having such a good time with his old pals - I wish we lived closer to all of the Posse! We laughed ourselves silly about old memories and Steven A. Smith on ESPN. Plus, Natalie got some driving practice : )

We had a few snow days which meant lots of hanging out at home with Daddy and playtime. We braved the snow to go to the grocery store we live next to (SO convenient...remind me to always move where a grocery store is close!)

We watched Heavyweights, one of our favorite movies, and had pudding. Natalie couldn't get enough haha. We stayed in jammies all day!

For Austin's birthday last month my dad gave him Star Wars Death Star cuff links (Austin would correct me and clarify "Death Star 2").  He finally remembered to put on a cuff-friendly shirt to w…

Play Time Pictures


 We've had lots of play time lately : )

 Natalie loves her "big girl" carseat, unless the sun is in her eyes. Give her a rattle, blocks, or anything she can chew and she's good to go. (We hope she likes the carseat still when we drive 13 hours to Utah in May!)


It's been a busy month with school, work, baby, workouts, piano, and life. Austin and I usually hang out after Natalie goes to bed, but we've both been so tired lately that we just opt to go to bed. (Or, I have to go to school to practice and Austin has to stay up to do homework.) We are grateful for any time spent together, and especially grateful when we get some good sleep at night. Natalie has not been the model of a good sleeper the past week or two, but she still wakes up with that beautiful smile that makes us forget how tired we are. I don't take naps during her naps anymore because they are so unpredictable and I usually end up having to get up right when I fall asleep, but man a nap would feel nice. So, instead of doing my homework or practicing or cleaning like I normally do while she's napping, I'm catching up on our blog.

Natalie loves being silly, and we love taking pictures!

 At Gramma's

 Cute at home
 Her new favorite toy ( my phone case)