Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bath Babe

I can't get enough pictures of this sweet girl, period, but I'm especially photo-happy during bathtime! I always promised myself I'd be the sort of mom who wouldn't embarrass her kids with nakie bath pictures, but now I understand why it's so tempting...I tried to compromise by censoring : )

...except in this picture, but I HAD to capture the wrinkly perfection of this delicious bum!

 This picture is funny (above) because it captures one of my favorite things Natalie does in the tub. Every 25 seconds or so she suddenly has the urge to check on this turquoise sponge pillow; she turns around, reaches for it, pats it a couple times, and then gets back to playing. It is inexplicable and HILARIOUS haha.

Sometimes she decides to turn herself around and face the other way. (Tired of pictures yet?!)


 Sometimes she likes to have a washcloth on her head...don't we all?

"who, me?"
Bath time has gotten much longer now that Natalie plays instead of cringes from the cold until we let her get out. She's always so cozy and fuzzy when it's time to get out!


hurry hurry I'm freezing!

burrito kitty

hi mom

so snuggled : )

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