Tuesday, February 19, 2013


It's been a busy month with school, work, baby, workouts, piano, and life. Austin and I usually hang out after Natalie goes to bed, but we've both been so tired lately that we just opt to go to bed. (Or, I have to go to school to practice and Austin has to stay up to do homework.) We are grateful for any time spent together, and especially grateful when we get some good sleep at night. Natalie has not been the model of a good sleeper the past week or two, but she still wakes up with that beautiful smile that makes us forget how tired we are. I don't take naps during her naps anymore because they are so unpredictable and I usually end up having to get up right when I fall asleep, but man a nap would feel nice. So, instead of doing my homework or practicing or cleaning like I normally do while she's napping, I'm catching up on our blog.

Natalie loves being silly, and we love taking pictures!

 At Gramma's

 Cute at home

 Her new favorite toy ( my phone case)

 Having fun at home (and with Aunt Annie and without pants!)

 Supporting Daddy at his basketball games and playing with friends

 This is the only way she would sleep the other morning - on the couch

 Precious baby sleepies

Aren't sleeping babies the best?

Awake ones are pretty cute too : )

 Take your daughter to work day!

We have so much fun with our Natalie J - it's no wonder I have a hard time getting school/piano stuff done. My recital is in 2 and a half weeks and it's a scramble to the finish, so wish me luck!

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