Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Six-Month Sweetheart

Natalie Jane had her six-month appointment today, and she killed it! 17 pounds, in the 50% of babies her age who sit up very well, top teeth showing through the gums (but not poking out yet), all smiles for the doctor...she knows when to turn it on! She was being completely charming the whole time.

And destroying the office, too.

I'm a non-intervening mom most of the time - if no one is getting hurt and it's not potentially expensive, by all means, enjoy yourself. Natalie thoroughly did : ) Then she was a complete trooper getting her shots, crying only during the pokes and then returning to her delightful self. (And now taking a lovely long nap while Mommy gets to relax!)

 She loves when we do the front-facing camera. It's cute now...not so cute when she's in junior high and posts selfies all the time.

Lately she's been a rolling machine, going front-back and back-front all day. She doesn't understand the whole crawling deal yet, so when she wants to reach things she has to get creative. It is absolutely hysterical to watch her do a series of twists, rolls, kicks, and flails to get what she wants haha! Last night it was her bink.

She makes us laugh every day : )

Natalie is so proud of herself for sitting up. It clearly gives her complete satisfaction, especially when she's nakie. Bath time has gotten way more fun now that she doesn't have to recline, and she enjoys her sitting-up carseat, too.

She loves sitting up in the cart...

At the library...

In the sink...

And while eating! This is what happens if we don't feed her fast enough:

Still processing, almost ready for another bite...where is it guys, I'm hungry...

...not coming fast enough, time to RAGE!!!

recovery with the next bite

She is such a joy. No apologies for this picture-plenty post - the more the merrier is our philosophy!

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