Friday, February 1, 2013

Six Months

 This pretty girl is six months old today! Can you believe it!?

birthday, Aug 1st 2012

one month

two months
three months

four months

five months
six months, on Feb 1st!
 She is just the absolute best and we love her to pieces! Her favorite thing to do lately is PLAY PLAY PLAY!

"one of these is not like the others..."


We don't let her play with the fruit toy anymore (for fear of fruit rage) so she's started to TURTLE RAGE now. On the exersaucer there are two green turtles, both with globular, plastic heads, that Natalie is determined to fit in her mouth. Unfortunately, while her mouth is big, it can't quite fit and she ends up being pretty frustrated. We put her in the exersaucer facing the other direction from the turtle toys, but she always immediately turns herself around as if she can sense the rage-inducing turtle heads.

She doesn't really know how to "work" toys other than to grab them and stuff them into her mouth, so anything with lights and music kind of confuse her, like this bee.

She'll get it eventually. : )

I can't believe this precious, perfect, fun, spunky, silly, HAPPY baby has been with us for six (+9) months and already changed so much. We are eager to see what the next six months will bring!

Some of my favorite things about our Natalie Jane:
- she loves to be cozy, just like me
- she gives the HUGEST gummy grins, almost constantly
- she refuses bottles, which is a little inconvenient but also endearing because she likes me best : )
- she squeals and "ba's" and "gaks" and makes all sorts of noises all the time, trying to talk already
- she loves Elmo's "Splish Splash" song
- she tries to grab the food off of our plates, thinking it is hers
- she grabs our cheeks and puts her forehead on our face in a sort of tribal hug
- she tries to imitate us by sticking her tongue out and blowing little puffs of air
- she loves to fall asleep in Daddy's arms
- she can't get enough of other babies
- she TOTALLY shows off when she knows people are fawning over her (which is often)
- she is part Austin and part me, which makes us feel so so so much love when we think about it.

We are so grateful for our beautiful daughter!
playing at church

where's Natalie?

raccoon haha

"this is my ball, okay?"

Changs date

her new carseat upgrade!
although we still use the
other one half the time

kitty's royal throne

pretty Sunday girl

the nap cave!

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