Friday, February 1, 2013

Snow Day!

"Dad. It's cold. Let's go back inside please."
Our poor child: always having to cater to our picture-taking whims. She wasn't too excited about going into the cold wintry weather, but it was too cute an opportunity to pass up, especially in a cupcake hat! (Note: all the hats in this post were knit by my mom. The bomb.)

the kind of snow where it doesn't look like much but then
you go to dust it off and realize it's this frozen crust

Austin is passionate about building snowmen...unfortunately, the snow was not cooperative. You need dense, wet snow, not fluffy powder! Come on, Mother Nature.

Her cheeks were turning from pink to red rapidly in the cold wind, but we had to get some mommy/daughter pics!

Snow angels! ...she wasn't too pleased (a little bit reminiscent of the pumpkin incident on Halloween).


"can we go inside yet?"
It was a fun five minutes : ) and then we were perfectly content to spend the rest of the day being cozy inside!

I can't imagine what this post-snow pile will look like in ten years with
more children and more snow!

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