Tuesday, February 5, 2013

(Superbowl) Sunday

I used parentheses because I don't usually do things like get rowdy about a football game on the Sabbath Day. Typically it is our day of rest, time to spend with our families relaxing, getting closer together, and feeling set apart from the normal hustle and bustle of our crazy world. We don't shop, go out to eat, really go anywhere except church, or play with friends, and I've always enjoyed it because it prepares me for a hectic week to come. Some people say it's a waste because we just sit at home all day, but it's quite the opposite - we look forward to Sundays as our day off to be with the people we love the most, and while, yes, we don't go throw the football in the backyard, we still do enjoyable things together. Sundays growing up meant lots of reading and naps for my family, and a movie after dinner. I think in the future we will just edit the Superbowl out of our Sundays, maybe DVR it and watch it the next morning. I sense a tradition coming...

 playing in Sunday school, and flirting with the guy sitting next to her

practicing her singing

However, this year we did participate in Superbowl festivities at my parent's house, and it was great!

Another reason Superbowl is in parentheses is because it wasn't really the main focus of our day. I celebrate the Superbowl exclusively because my mom makes once-a-year 7-layer dip that is to die for, and I usually eat half of it. I was so into the dip that I couldn't even stop to take a picture. There are always other delicious treats, but this is the king.

Superbowl is also in parentheses because I cared more about the commercials and Beyonce halftime show than the actual game, although my family was pretty into it.

Lastly, the parentheses are there because, of course, I left the room at promptly 7:55 to get myself settled upstairs to watch the latest and infinitely more important Downton Abbey.

There's always plenty of Natalie to go around when we get together!

cozy with Daddy
typical Sam, disrupting the picture

typical peans, burrowing somewhere

typical family, taking treat breaks
I also haven't talked to my brother, Max, since the 49ers lost. He tends to get...emotionally unstable when his team loses. If you're reading this Minkle, it's going to be okay. (Don't hurt me!)

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