Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine Times

It was Natalie Jane's first Valentine's Day!

We went to visit Daddy at work, all appropriately dressed in love colors.

 Austin asked for chocolates, so he got a big heart full of yummies (with the coconut ones picked out...gross!). He surprised me with flowers and my favorite chocolates the night before Tine's, which was very sweet. We also got The Music Man (Matthew Broderick version) because I saw part of it on tv a while ago and thought it was completely charming.

Qdoba was doing a BOGO deal if you share a kiss, so we participated and kissed Natalie for a free entree. She didn't get any food, but she was just fine with the silver platter!

 On another day, Natalie wanted to be a flower girl:

She had a BALL:

Sam, my brother, was participating in an honor choir hosted in Lincoln, so he stayed with us for a couple nights. He and Natalie had some good bonding time.

She has such a cute early morning wake up look : )

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