Tuesday, February 5, 2013


We got this dumb ad in the mail that said if we came to the dealership, we could win *something*. Feeling fun and spontaneous under Austin's direction, we decided to actually check it out for family night yesterday. I still can't believe we participated in such a joke, but hey, I got ice cream out of it!

the ad

inside schmoozin

He won us a $1 gold coin...we're rich! 

The victor with his spoil, the victress getting her spoil, the victor enjoying the spoil.

We didn't really know what to do with the gold coin (our Blizzard was more than a dollar), so Peck, our chicken, is currently guarding it on the piano.

In other news, this is how Natalie prefers to sleep of late:

Starting on her stomach, then rolling sort of halfway up to her side, with her booty in the air and cheek resting on arm.

So adorable. Gah this baby is so wonderful - she's happy, silly, and loves to play. Everyone who meets her thinks she's just having a "good day" since she gives them so many smiles and loves, but seriously every day is a good day for Natalie. She is always in a good mood, unless she's raging, in which case she recovers quickly and returns to being pleasant.

Her latest thing: sticking her tongue out!

and, a cuties peel flower from Austin : )

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