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Three Reasons

Reasons why Sick Babies are the Most Sad

-their eyes are extra weepy and red-tinged so every time they look at you it makes you feel pitiful
-they can't breathe through their nose so they have a hard time eating or having a bink
-they're so snotty and boogery, but hate the saline rinse/blue snot bulb of death
-they get so tired that all they can do is cry because they can't be pacified with a bink and then they fall asleep in a precious slump on your shoulder
-they can't have cough drops or NyQuil

This was the first time Natalie has ever been sick, and it was, as stated above, the most sad. But, she's already much less sniffly and had a much better time sleeping today, thank goodness. She got so mad at the snot sucker that when she saw me bring it closer she would try to hold her breath so it would hide the fact that her nose was clogged. Smart girl, but, alas, in the bulb went anyway. She stayed in jammies and got extra lovies and cozies all day.

 the bottom midd…

Spring Break

This is the first year I think I've ever stayed home for spring break. It's kind of anticlimactic, but definitely nice not worrying about heading to class or practicing (except I was already done worrying about practicing, muahahaha.) It's also less of a "break" because Natalie never stops, so it's not like we are sleeping in til noon or partying every night. I was asleep before ten last night...not ashamed. As I said though, it is nice to relax at home without school obligations.

 I told Austin I wanted to do something fun, like go to the zoo. He said that the zoo is fun, but not worth driving an hour (paying for gas), the $12 admission fee (each), the food I'd probably beg him to get us, and the hour drive home (more gas). Zoo is a special occasion deal, until we have more kids and buy the family pass and go to our hearts' contents. BUT, not wanting to be the party pooper, he suggested that instead of going to the Henry Doorley Zoo in Omaha, we mak…

Weekend Babe

Mostly pictures this time, we seem to take a lot of them over here : )
(side note: we don't have any "professional" photos of Natalie Jane, or the three of us as a family...maybe someday?)

 First, another documentation of the formidable Fruit Rage.

I think all parents experience the "haha-she's-crying-but-it's-so-cute/funny-I-can't-help-from-laughing." Natalie doesn't like being mad, so it's funny when something bugs her because she alternates from laughing/smiles to pouts/whimpers.

We came to Papillion to see Sam in Grease (and my mom in the pit band) - good family time and a fun show! Everyone did very well - it's always fun to support them and my old high school.